Recap: Wizard World Chicago 2015

I did the dumbest thing before Wizard World. On Thursday night, my friend had an engagement party so I stayed down at school and drove up to the convention on Friday morning. I put on my Kitty Pryde costume, threw my bags into the car, and drove all the way to Chicago. Where I realized […]

Recap: Sunday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

I still wasn’t feeling well on Sunday morning, so I dressed in civvies with the intention of just spending a short amount of time at the con. I still had to get my Karl Urban signature and my Bruce Campbell goodies. I also had some tentative plans for other signatures, which (mostly) panned out. I […]

Recap: Saturday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

While Friday ended on a high note, Saturday was off to a rough start. I woke up, put up my hair for my wig, put on my Superwoman make-up, put on my pants and boots, then dug around my suitcase for a bit to find… that I didn’t have my corset. Since the corset is […]

Geeky Disappointments: Wizard World and My Cosplay Shuffle

You may have heard me complaining about this last week, I found out that Wizard World Chicago sold out of its weekend passes. And I was upset. Chicago Comic Con was the first convention I’ve ever attended, and it’s been a staple in my con schedule ever since. It’s where I first really hung out […]

Chicago Comic Con: Sunday Recap

I got to Chicago Comic Con early on Sunday–I was there only minutes after the doors opened for non-VIP ticket holders. I had the Jason David Frank meet and greet at 11am, but I went over to Wil Wheaton’s booth to see when he was signing autographs for the day. I was hoping to get […]

Chicago Comic Con: Friday Recap

Hey everyone! I spent the entire day today at Chicago Comic Con–from opening to close! Okay, so that’s 12pm to 7pm, but it’s still most of my day (especially with the hour commute). My day began with hair and make-up. My cosplay for the day was Zoe from Left 4 Dead–one of my favorite video […]