Recap: Wizard World Chicago 2015

I did the dumbest thing before Wizard World. On Thursday night, my friend had an engagement party so I stayed down at school and drove up to the convention on Friday morning. I put on my Kitty Pryde costume, threw my bags into the car, and drove all the way to Chicago. Where I realized […]

Wizard World Chicago Haul

So…I spent a little bit of money at Wizard World. A little bit too much money. But instead of lamenting that fact, I thought that I’d share all the cool stuff I bought with you guys!   I’ve been very into collecting Pop vinyl figures lately, so I picked up a few exclusives at Chicago […]

Recap: Sunday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

I still wasn’t feeling well on Sunday morning, so I dressed in civvies with the intention of just spending a short amount of time at the con. I still had to get my Karl Urban signature and my Bruce Campbell goodies. I also had some tentative plans for other signatures, which (mostly) panned out. I […]

Recap: Saturday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

While Friday ended on a high note, Saturday was off to a rough start. I woke up, put up my hair for my wig, put on my Superwoman make-up, put on my pants and boots, then dug around my suitcase for a bit to find… that I didn’t have my corset. Since the corset is […]

Geeky Disappointments: Wizard World and My Cosplay Shuffle

You may have heard me complaining about this last week, I found out that Wizard World Chicago sold out of its weekend passes. And I was upset. Chicago Comic Con was the first convention I’ve ever attended, and it’s been a staple in my con schedule ever since. It’s where I first really hung out […]