DIY: Shoulderless Shirt

I promised to post this DIY on Instagram last week, but my computer broke and I wasn’t able to do it until today! This is another simple alteration, where all you need is a pair of scissors and three cuts per arm. Let me show you how it’s done. First, I pinned the desired width […]

Unboxing: Black Friday Subscription Boxes

Hi guys! There are a lot of geeky subscription boxes around nowadays, and two of them–Loot Crate and Nerd Block–offered special boxes for Black Friday. The Nerd Block box was offered at a discount (and was full of stuff that was left over from previous boxes). Loot Crate offered the special Rebels and Rogues crate, […]

Halloween T-Shirt DIY: Lacey Straps

It’s officially Halloween! It’s 1am here in Chicago and I just remembered that I wanted to do a T-shirt alteration for Halloween. So I quickly grabbed my awesome Loot Crate t-shirt (Ewoking Dead…it just slays me) and executed my awesome plan of awesomeness (I may be so sleepy that I’m a little loopy). I love […]

October Loot Crate Unboxing and Halloween Giveaway!

Hi everyone! My Loot Crate came today, and I was really excited to open it. Unfortunately, I’m really busy with school work and didn’t have a chance to make a video, but I took some quick pictures so you can see what is in this month’s Loot Crate. The theme was Survive, which warmed my […]

September Loot Crate Unboxing!

Hey everyone! I got my Loot Crate this past Saturday, but I’m only now uploading the unboxing video. In the video, I say that this is in my top two Loot Crates, or my second-favorite crate (one of the two), but I’ve changed my mind since then. This is definitely my favorite.

August Loot Crate Unboxing!

I didn’t film an unboxing video this month, due to the fact that I had guests when my Loot Crate came. I was too impatient to wait to film it, and I didn’t want to film it in front of people–so, this month, we have unboxing pictures! The theme for August was “Cake”–the box was […]