Recap: Wizard World Chicago 2015

I did the dumbest thing before Wizard World. On Thursday night, my friend had an engagement party so I stayed down at school and drove up to the convention on Friday morning. I put on my Kitty Pryde costume, threw my bags into the car, and drove all the way to Chicago. Where I realized […]

Top Five: My Favorite Heroines

Hey everyone! I made a list of my favorite heroines to put up on International Women’s Day, and then completely forgot and put up an edition of Gamer Drama instead. So, here I am, fixing that oversight. Here are my five favorite heroines, from all types of media. Following that, I asked my friend Gabrielle to give […]

Etsy Tuesday: Firefly/Serenity

This week’s subject for Etsy Tuesday is in honor of the puppy my parents adopted this weekend: This is Zoe! (I know the picture kind of sucks–my mom took it). Mom and Dad were asking for puppy names, but they didn’t want anything geeky. I managed to slip in Zoe, though, for Zoe Washburne of […]

Top Five: Escapism

My computer has been refusing to connect to the internet for a while now. I just finally convinced it to connect when I hook it to an ethernet cord, so I was able to come here and update my blog (which I have been wanting to do for a few days now). In the time […]