Recap: C2E2 2015

Yikes. I’ve been AWOL for a while, guys, and that makes me feel sad inside. So much has happened recently, and I hope to catch you all up on my life–starting with the greatest con in Chicago, C2E2. I did all three days at C2E2 this year, and we were lucky enough to get a […]

5 Fandom Friday: Convention Wishlist

This week’s topic for 5 Fandom Friday is your convention wishlist! If you spend much time around here, you’ll know that I spend most of my spare hours thinking about cosplay and the next conventions I’ll attend. However, I’m in the Midwest–which means that there’s a limited number of close conventions. I typically attend the […]

2015 Cosplay Plans

A new year is full of possibilities–especially cosplay possibilities. Seriously, that was the thing I was looking forward to the most as the New Year turned: making new costumes to wear to conventions. I barely even made it into 2015 before I made a new costume: Ozymandias, which I wore to Kollision Con. 2015 Convention Schedule/Costumes […]

Wizard World Chicago Haul

So…I spent a little bit of money at Wizard World. A little bit too much money. But instead of lamenting that fact, I thought that I’d share all the cool stuff I bought with you guys!   I’ve been very into collecting Pop vinyl figures lately, so I picked up a few exclusives at Chicago […]

Convention Courtesy: My “Rules” For Making Everyone’s Con Great

Sure, they’re more like guidelines, but once you attend as many conventions as I have you begin to discern what kind of actions make your convention–and that of the thousands of people around you–great. Some of these rules should be obvious but, unfortunately, aren’t. Some may be more of a matter of taste. As an introvert, I […]

Recap: Indy PopCon (Saturday and Sunday)

For my Indy PopCon coverage on Wednesday and Friday, click here: Also, enjoy this cute video from the Nicholas Brendon Q&A that I completely forgot to talk about. Basically, this girl got dumped the day before and he’s telling the ex-boyfriend off. So on Saturday I woke up at my sister’s apartment to find that […]

What to Wear to a Con: Anime

I was talking with some friends about C2E2 the other day, and one of them asked me what people wear to conventions. “I want to go to one someday,” he said, “but I don’t know what I’d wear. Doesn’t everyone wear costumes? I’m not comfortable with that.” Of course, I told him that not everyone […]