Etsy Tuesday: Lord of the Rings

This week’s Etsy Tuesday post is in honor of the Bag End Silver Locket necklace I ordered a few weeks ago from the Enchanted Leaves store on Etsy. It came in the mail promptly, it’s well-made, and I absolutely love it! I wear it several times a week, and I’ve developed this awful habit of […]

Chicago Comic Con: 8/10 and 8/11

I was good this week, which means I was a bad blogger. I know I said that I would post my reflection on Chicago Comic Con up earlier this week (Sunday or Monday) and it is now Wednesday. Which, sadly, means my review is incredibly less detailed than I intended it to be. Also, I missed yet […]

DIY: Dry-Erase Calendar

Hi everyone! I’m fresh from this year’s Chicago Comic Con, run by Wizard World. I had an excellent time, and once I get all my pictures uploaded (I had to borrow my mother’s camera on Friday, which is slowing me down), I will write a post on it! Hopefully it will be done by Monday. […]

DIY: String-tied Tank Top

Welcome to my first DIY! Here, I will show you how to make a string-tied tank top. I began with a t-shirt I purchased from Threadless, which is one of my favorite websites to order t-shirts from. They print their designs on soft shirts which are easy to work with if you want to alter them. […]

Etsy Tuesday: Steampunk

Today’s Etsy Tuesday is a look into incredible steampunk jewelry. It was inspired by the first necklace in this list: $28.00 USD This is a pendant by one of my favorite steampunk jewelry-makers on Etsy–Friston Ho’okano, who runs the shop DesignsByFriston. I love the jewel eyes, and the watch parts on the stomach. Overall, it’s a […]

Top Five: Escapism

My computer has been refusing to connect to the internet for a while now. I just finally convinced it to connect when I hook it to an ethernet cord, so I was able to come here and update my blog (which I have been wanting to do for a few days now). In the time […]

Etsy Tuesday: Star Trek

I know it’s almost Wednesday (and it is Wednesday for some of you), but here is today’s trip around Coming off the news from yesterday about Urban’s maybe-slip-up, here’s some handmade Trek gear for your home and yourself. Coasters Jason Barfield of the shop jb2designs has several excellent sets of Star Trek coasters, along with many other […]

AWOL and Movie News

I’ve been gone for a while. Between Master’s Exams, graduating, moving, starting a summer job, and going to Las Vegas for my cousin’s bridal shower, I’ve been extremely busy. However, today there were two news points which prompted me to write: 1) a potential leak regarding Benedict Cumberbatch’s role in the new Star Trek movie, […]