Unboxing: Majora’s Mask 3DS Special Edition

Hey guys! Majora’s Mask is one of my three favorite games of all time. I have been waiting for the remastered version to come out since they announced that Ocarina of Time was going to be released for the 3DS. I went to pre-order it as soon as I heard that the special edition was […]

2015 Cosplay Plans

A new year is full of possibilities–especially cosplay possibilities. Seriously, that was the thing I was looking forward to the most as the New Year turned: making new costumes to wear to conventions. I barely even made it into 2015 before I made a new costume: Ozymandias, which I wore to Kollision Con. 2015 Convention Schedule/Costumes […]

My Internet Firsts

I’ve been working on this post for a while now. A couple weeks back, Stewie decided to share some things about her early days on the internet, and invited people to join in. I’m slow to the party, though, since I’ve found it REALLY difficult to remember some of these things! But I pulled through, […]

Geekphoria’s 2nd Anniversary: Giant Giveaway!

Hey there, everyone! Today’s celebration is pretty exciting–it’s the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done at Geekphoria! I’ve collected these items over the past year or so at different conventions. Some I bought specifically to give away on the blog and never got around to it, and some I bought for myself but just put in […]

Geekphoria’s 2nd Anniversary: Freebies

Hi everyone! Today’s celebration of Geekphoria’s 2nd anniversary revolved around freebies! Yay, free things! First, things at the Geekphoria store are Buy 1, Get 1. This also applies to custom orders! Just buy an item and put your second order in the “notes” on the order page. If you want two items, please buy the more expensive item […]

Geekphoria’s New Look!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Geekphoria! As my blog went into its second year, I decided it was time to invest some time, money, and effort into making the look of Geekphoria represent how seriously I take my blogging. I designed a new header, logo, and banners for each blog entry. Lori, of […]

Geekphoria’s Second Anniversary!

The internet at my parents’ house is a little wonky, so I wasn’t able to post yesterday. What was I going to post about? The fact that January 11th marked two years since my first post on Geekphoria! Of course, I only really started posting on here with any sort of frequency the year after […]

New Products in the Geekphoria Shop!

Hey everyone! A new type of product just premiered at the Geekphoria Etsy store–just in time for holiday shopping! It’s jewelry! I’m particularly proud of these K-9 necklaces (he had adorable ears and a tail, d’awww), and these pictures don’t NEARLY do him justice. Seriously. I need a better camera. But K-9 isn’t the only […]