Top Five: Essentials for a Cosplay Make-up Kit

I spent this past weekend at Project Cosawesome 2 (the somehow-even-more-amazing-was-that-even-possible follow-up to the first Project Cosawesome, which I attended in November). I brought two new costumes with me–Katana and Blink–and even though my body paint for Blink didn’t make it, my make-up was more extensive than it had ever been before. I mean, just look […]

5 Cosplay Costumes I Want to See IRL

From the 14th to the 16th, I was at this great cosplay event. I saw so many amazing costumes and meant excellent people. I’m waiting for some more pictures from it before I write up a recap, but I’m excited to tell you guys all about it! In the meantime, though, I started thinking about a […]

Top Five Dysfunctional Families in Geekdom

My cousin is getting married tomorrow, which means a lot of fun–but also a lot of crazy family members.  After the awkward and resentful family dinner we had on Sunday, this means only one thing: It’s time for my list of the top five dysfunctional families in geekdom!   1. House Clegane—A Song of Ice […]

Top Five: This Years’ Best April Fools’ Pranks

In the past few years, I’ve begun to look at any announcement or article published on April 1st with skepticism. It seems like every website has jumped on to the April Fools’ bandwagon, which means that about every other article is a prank. Sometimes even entire websites change for the day, like The Mary Sue […]

Top Five: Co-op/Multiplayer Video Games

My family and I went to Dave and Buster’s on Sunday night, where my brother and I played a few rounds of their new Mario Kart video game (we decided to end on a tie). Some of the best gaming moments are shared with friends: in fact, Lori from and I have a streaming […]

Top Five: Moments in Geekdom that Scar Children

Do you have a memory watching a geeky movie/show or reading a geeky book as a child, when a terrifying or disturbing moment came out of nowhere and scarred you for life*? Yup, me too. Here is my list of the top five geek moments that have and will ruin the innocent, carefree point of […]

Top Five: Geeky Couples

I’ll say this right off the bat–narrowing this down to five couples was really, really difficult to do. In fact, as of writing this introduction, I still have seven couples. But I will get it down to five, damn it. I have integrity. The title is not a lie. Today’s Top Five list is also Valentine’s Day-themed […]