Amanda Geeks Out: Role-Playing Games

We hear all the time that being a geek is about how you love something–obsessively, passionately, and with an intense drive to consume. I’ve always been a fantasy, sci-fi, and comic fan…but I’m been branching out a bit lately, and I thought I would share a few new geeky categories that I’ve become interested in […]

30 Days of Gaming: Best Soundtrack

It’s really difficult to write about the best game soundtrack when you’re hilariously and horrifically tone deaf, like I am. I’m going to give it the old college try, though. When I think about particularly effective soundtracks, two games come to mind. One of them, of course, is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. […]

30 Days of Gaming: Favorite Game Couple

This one goes waaaaay back. The amount of fervor with which I shipped this as a kid was INTENSE. Forget the princess…this girl has HORSIES. Link and Malon FOREVER. Dubious? Then check out this awesome photoshoot from The Zelda Project with cosplayers Anthony and Adella.

2014 Year in Review: Games and Comics

I spent a lot of time playing video games, tabletop games, and reading comics this year. I’ve made recommendations sporadically throughout the year, but here’s my ultimate recommendations for this year–plus some things that have disappointed me. Video Games I recommend Contrast. Contrast wasn’t released this year, but I played it for the first time during Extra […]

Review: Contrast

Despite being sick, I spent a few hours playing games for Extra Life (thanks to everyone who helped me reach my fundraising goal!). I played some of Slender: The Arrival, and I started and finished Contrast. I’ve been wanting to play Contrast since the PS4 was released. My boyfriend and I were killing time before […]

30 Days of Gaming: Most Annoying Character

You guys know me. You guys know what I love. I am a Legend of Zelda fan through and through…which means that there is only one possible answer for my most annoying character:   If you ask a group of people my age who the most annoying video game character is, Navi will be one […]

My Geeky Confessions: A Gamerwife Link-Up

It seems like everyone wants to bare their souls this month! I’m always game for a link-up, and Mariko at Gamerwife always has the best ideas. Everyone has their ideas of what a geek should be (and some of them want to enforce this more than others), so here are the ways in which I […]