DIY: Silver Doe Harry Potter Plaque

My first project using my new Dremel (my aunt gave it to me for Christmas) was partially inspired by Jen Yates’s Harry Potter Wand Display, in that it’s 1) made of wood, 2) Harry Potter-themed, and 3) a functional plaque. Of course, it’s not nearly as well-made, detailed, and awesome, but I don’t think it’s […]

DIY: Hunger Games Bracelet

The Hunger Games is one of my favorite book trilogies. I also enjoyed the movie, but not as much as I enjoyed the novels (you can read my review of it here). My boyfriend often tells me that I’m just like Katniss (though, weirdly enough, it’s not always a compliment). When I bought the DVD […]

DIY: Tube Top

Hello, everyone! I hope all of you US readers had a good Thanksgiving yesterday–I know that I’m still almost too stuffed to move. I have for you a DIY I created last Wednesday (but then I managed to lose my camera. I know, I know. Lose my camera AGAIN). I have bought several t-shirts recently, […]

How Not to Mod-Podge Your Shelves

I did this project back in August, with the intention of making it into a DIY. It didn’t turn out too badly, but it taught me some important lessons about how not to Mod Podge your shelves. I’m going to go back someday and fix it, but here’s the project as it is now. You […]

DIY: Cartoon Canvas!

Hello everyone! Sorry things have been on hiatus for a while–all of my free time has been destroyed by school and my job. Can’t they just let me spend all my time on the internet? Today’s DIY is a little strange. The pictures come from my cell phone, because I have misplaced my camera. Hopefully […]

DIY: Dry-Erase Calendar

Hi everyone! I’m fresh from this year’s Chicago Comic Con, run by Wizard World. I had an excellent time, and once I get all my pictures uploaded (I had to borrow my mother’s camera on Friday, which is slowing me down), I will write a post on it! Hopefully it will be done by Monday. […]

DIY: String-tied Tank Top

Welcome to my first DIY! Here, I will show you how to make a string-tied tank top. I began with a t-shirt I purchased from Threadless, which is one of my favorite websites to order t-shirts from. They print their designs on soft shirts which are easy to work with if you want to alter them. […]


I’ve been working on some crafts lately, and I thought I would share. The first is a Nightwing felt doll that I made. I have only two pictures–one of some of the pieces and one of the finished product. I’m in the process of making a Khal Drogo felt doll right now, using a different pattern […]