DIY: Tank Dress

I have one more t-shirt to alter, and then I’ll be done for the summer–assuming that I don’t buy any new t-shirts at Chicago Comic Con. (I have a long list of collectibles that I want to buy, so it’s actually a possibility this year). If you’ve read my DIY: T-Shirt to Tank Top, you’ll […]

DIY: Tied Tank Top

I have yet another T-Shirt DIY alteration ready for you guys. I know, I know, it seems like that’s the only thing I do. But, as you should know, I had a pile of T-shirts waiting to be altered, and we’re almost through them! (I actually only have one more to do, plus a little […]

Like any geek, I love a good mash-up tee. Unlike most geeks, I can’t stand t-shirts. So that has been what most of the summer has been about–taking awesome geeky shirts and turning them into shirts that I can wear without feeling weird and uncomfortable. This week I started with a shirt I got off […]

DIY: T-Shirt to Tank Top!

Hey everyone! Here’s a new Summer of T-Shirt Surgery DIY! Here, I first attempted to make a tank dress that has a cut similar to the new Her Universe dressed (examples here and here). Unfortunately, I had a slight issue–and it wasn’t a problem that I created myself. Unfortunately, when you’re 5’10”, even XL shirts […]

DIY: Flutter-Sleeve Tie Shirt

Hey everyone! Here’s a new DIY for a shirt I made earlier this week. It can be worn as-is, or over a bandeau or camisole (I’ve worn it with a bandeau, but in these pictures I’m wearing one of those bras that’s just the cup, in order to show the cut-outs better). The shirt I’m […]

DIY: Braided Halter Top

Since finals are finally done, I can get back to doing some of the things that I like to do in my spare time. One of these is altering t-shirts. I love geeky tees because I love to wear my geek pride everywhere. However, I have really broad shoulders, which make wearing women’s shirts (or […]

Some Shinies to Share

I was so distracted by International TableTop Day that I almost forgot to post this blog entry! I’ve been having a great time today–I spent a good five plus hours at my favorite local game store (the excellent and amazingly wonderful The Wandering Dragon. Everyone’s so great there, I love it!). Luckily, I came home for […]

I love the Internet. And I re-made crafts.

I’ve been participating in the THANKATHON with Hannah Hart (@harto). I love Hannah. I love My Drunk  Kitchen. I love grilled cheeses (even though I burned it and used nasty cheese). I sent a picture in for the world record count! You can also see my awesome Classic Game Room glass! Hello, Harto! The glass […]