DIY: Desk Mat

I came to two separate realizations the other day. The first was that my desk set-up had begun to underwhelm me. I love all my posters around my desk, and I don’t want to replace any of them, but I needed something new. The second realization was that I had waaay too many stickers, cards, and art […]

DIY: Studded T-Shirt

Hey everyone! I have a new t-shirt alteration DIY for you today. This one is really easy. All you need is a pack of studs, a pair of scissors, and a t-shirt!   The shirt I used has the “No one left to play with” design from Shirt!Woot. I met a girl during the last […]

DIY: Cut-out T-shirt

Hi everybody! I’m having some trouble uploading pictures to my computer, so some of the sizes of these pictures may be off. Sorry!  I was making this t-shirt to wear for Valentine’s Day, but then I got the flu so I was only able to finish it about an hour and a half ago. I […]

DIY: “The Hobbit” Inspired Nails!

I received this beautiful gold sparkle nail polish in my stocking this Christmas, and I had the perfect  idea of what to do with it. Earlier this week, I gathered together a bunch of other polish colors from my collection, and went about making a design inspired by Smaug.   The colors I used were: Ruby […]

DIY T-shirt to Lacey Tank

I made this shirt to wear to Chicago TARDIS on Saturday, but then I scored an interview with Paul McGann and brought myself something nicer to wear (this TARDIS dress from Her Universe, to be specific). I still really like this shirt, though, so I thought I would share the DIY with you. I began […]

Halloween T-Shirt DIY: Lacey Straps

It’s officially Halloween! It’s 1am here in Chicago and I just remembered that I wanted to do a T-shirt alteration for Halloween. So I quickly grabbed my awesome Loot Crate t-shirt (Ewoking Dead…it just slays me) and executed my awesome plan of awesomeness (I may be so sleepy that I’m a little loopy). I love […]

DIY: A T-Shirt Alteration with Lessons to Learn

I had some free time on my hands the other week. I decided to update my tube top DIY, and then I still had time to spare. So I grabbed another t-shirt, thought for a minute about what I wanted to do, and then got to work. Which, while this top isn’t a complete disaster, I’m […]

DIY: Tube Top Update

Hey everyone! I’ve finally made that addition to my Robin tube top, so I can finally add on to that DIY! If you don’t remember this DIY, you can either follow this link, or look at this picture: I cut the t-shirt (from Threadless) across the top, just under the collar. I then cut off […]