DIY: Geeky Pin Display

Hey everyone! I have a quick little DIY for you today. I had realized that I was increasingly running out of space for the geeky pins that I manage to pick up everywhere at conventions and through Kickstarters or other nerd projects. I also remembered that I had an extra 8×10 picture frame in my […]

DIY: Shoulderless Shirt

I promised to post this DIY on Instagram last week, but my computer broke and I wasn’t able to do it until today! This is another simple alteration, where all you need is a pair of scissors and three cuts per arm. Let me show you how it’s done. First, I pinned the desired width […]

DIY: Halter Tank

I was a Loot Crate subscriber until recently, and I became a huge fan of the t-shirts. Even if I didn’t love the design, I had something I could use for my t-shirt alterations! While I think the James Bond SuperEmoFriends shirt is kind of cute, I’m not a big Bond fan. So I was able to […]

DIY: Tips for Customizing Shoes

Customized shoes have been a big thing lately, whether it’s heels, sneakers, or flats. After a while of looking at and admiring all the shoes I see on Pinterest, Etsy, and DeviantArt, I decided to take my own small, tentative steps into the craft. I have already managed to learn a lot in a short […]

DIY: Grommet T-Shirt

Last Sunday I played in a Harry Potter trivia contest, and my group got 5th place out of about 30. It was ridiculous amounts of fun. They had drink specials–I drank a few butter beers–and I even won a gift certificate to the used game store during the raffle! I really wanted to go in […]

DIY: Video Game Display

A couple months ago, I saw these gold Zelda cartridges at my local store. I think they were selling them for $35 each, and I wanted them to display in my house…but not for that much money! So I found these on eBay, and my boyfriend gave me his boxes to display with the cartridges. […]

Cosplay Vlog: Superwoman Crest Tutorial

I’ve embarked on the delightful path of vlogging some of my cosplay work. Here’s my first video, which functions partially as a vlog, and partially as a DIY. I filmed it using my DSLR, but the quality is eh. Do you guys have any ideas on how I could make these videos better? Leave them […]

DIY: T-Shirt Tube Dress

It’s been a long tine since I did a t-shirt surgery DIY! I think the last one was posted in February. It’s actually been a while since I altered anything–I’ve been doing more cosplay work than craft work lately. I began with this Arya Stark t-shirt from Tee Fury. It’s not available to purchase right now, […]