Recap: Saturday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

While Friday ended on a high note, Saturday was off to a rough start. I woke up, put up my hair for my wig, put on my Superwoman make-up, put on my pants and boots, then dug around my suitcase for a bit to find… that I didn’t have my corset. Since the corset is […]

How To: Keep Track of Your Comics

Of course, I’m not talking about how to physically keep track of your comic books. There’s really nothing novel to talk about there–geeks will continue to board, bag, and box comic books until a dreamer comes up with a better way to do this. I’m personally a big fan of the boxes–they’re so convenient. It’s like a filing cabinet […]

Convention Courtesy: My “Rules” For Making Everyone’s Con Great

Sure, they’re more like guidelines, but once you attend as many conventions as I have you begin to discern what kind of actions make your convention–and that of the thousands of people around you–great. Some of these rules should be obvious but, unfortunately, aren’t. Some may be more of a matter of taste. As an introvert, I […]

Hey everyone! I hope that those of you that went to SDCC are finally caught up on your sleep! As you probably know, I didn’t go to SDCC. But there were a few things I wanted to get my hands on, and I was able to! Mostly thanks to Lori from They arrived in […]

Recap: Saturday at Anime Midwest

I attended Anime Midwest this past Saturday. I went partially as an excuse to wear my updated Lady Shredder costume, and to have another photo shoot with my friend Eddie (check out his page here). I also went to see Steam Powered Giraffe. I achieved the first goal, but I didn’t quite get to the […]

Geeky Disappointments: Wizard World and My Cosplay Shuffle

You may have heard me complaining about this last week, I found out that Wizard World Chicago sold out of its weekend passes. And I was upset. Chicago Comic Con was the first convention I’ve ever attended, and it’s been a staple in my con schedule ever since. It’s where I first really hung out […]

Recap: Indy PopCon (Saturday and Sunday)

For my Indy PopCon coverage on Wednesday and Friday, click here: Also, enjoy this cute video from the Nicholas Brendon Q&A that I completely forgot to talk about. Basically, this girl got dumped the day before and he’s telling the ex-boyfriend off. So on Saturday I woke up at my sister’s apartment to find that […]