DIY: Geeky Pin Display

Hey everyone! I have a quick little DIY for you today. I had realized that I was increasingly running out of space for the geeky pins that I manage to pick up everywhere at conventions and through Kickstarters or other nerd projects. I also remembered that I had an extra 8×10 picture frame in my closet…and so I got to work.

I gathered the (little) materials I needed–my fabric of choice (thin, so it fits into the closed frame), fabric scissors, and the picture frame itself. I also ended up using tape later on to secure the fabric to the glass better.


I cut a rectangle of fabric about two inches wider than the frame’s glass so I could wrap it around nicely.


The next step was using the take to secure the fabric. I did this because the glass slides into the frame on my frame, and I didn’t want it to get messed up while I was putting it in. You could also use fabric glue or hot glue.


Then I put the frame together and added the pins! I was just able to slide them into the fabric and pin them shut. The black fabric is a little stretchy, which makes this process easier.


The project took me about five minutes total, with most of the time spent attaching the pins to the display board! I think it’s really cute and easily altered, which makes me happy. Now I can’t wait to get more pins!


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