Short Vacation Stories: Blarney Castle

I promised a few people that I would share some pictures (and stories) from the Europe trip I went on this past summer. It was an amazing trip–I was able to see so many things and visit so many places. One place I got especially excellent photos was Blarney Castle.


We visited Blarney Castle and the grounds on our way from Dublin to Killarney (where we were having our family reunion). My entire immediate family were there–Mom, Dad, sister and brother–as well as my cousin. We paid four our entry and went straight over to the castle. I had no idea how to get to the stone, or where exactly it was, but I managed to find my way through the castle up to the top.

I’ve heard a few people tell the story of kissing the Blarney stone and how it was still creepy despite the fact that there is someone there to hold you. They’ve recently put bars underneath the hole where you lean over the edge, though, so you’d think it wouldn’t be that bad. Even with the bars and someone holding on to you, though, leaning backwards over the edge of a castle is definitely unsettling.


As cool as the castle was, though, I actually preferred the grounds–which was surprising, since I was ready to leave as soon as I left the castle. The place is incredibly beautiful, though, and they have signs all around the grounds that tell you about local legends. There are creepy witch stories, promises of good luck, and –of course–threats of fairies.

My sister had wandered off by herself at one point, and I went into a little wooded area to look for her. I shouted her name, and heard a distant response: “Yes?”

I started toward her, but then paused. The sign in front of me read “Fairy Glade” and, for a moment, I thought in the back of my mind: “Wait, maybe…”


I still chuckle about that, but if faeries are ever going to try to lure you away, it would probably be in the woods in Ireland.


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