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We hear all the time that being a geek is about how you love something–obsessively, passionately, and with an intense drive to consume. I’ve always been a fantasy, sci-fi, and comic fan…but I’m been branching out a bit lately, and I thought I would share a few new geeky categories that I’ve become interested in over the past several months to a year.

I’m starting out with podcasts, because I’ve just completely dived into the deep end lately. Of all the media I consume, podcasts are currently number 1. I listen to them in the shower, I listen in the car, I listen as I walk around campus, I listen on the bus, I listen as I sleep, I listen once I wake up in the morning. I’m not a big music person–I’m ridiculously tone deaf–and podcasts have filled that hole for me. I bought an online stream pass for the LA Podcast Festival this year (and I aspire to go next year), and I’ve been on the lookout for live podcast recordings in Chicago. I’ve even bought t-shirts from some of my favorite podcasts–though no one really knows what they are. I’m also a patron of quite a few on Patreon.

I love podcasts because they provide both entertainment and knowledge–they help me satisfy my curiosity, even if it’s just in terms of the human condition. Most of the podcasts I listen to are comedy podcasts, though another large group is educational and still others are interview podcasts.

I thought I would share a few of the podcasts that I most frequently listen to, because you guys should really check them out. I always listen to the Nerdist podcast, but I won’t list that here–it’s so huge that it doesn’t need my help in getting the word out–but you should definitely check it out if you haven’t listened yet. Here are four more podcasts that you may never have heard of, but I think really deserve a listen. Fair warning: some of these podcasts include language and some adult content, but usually nothing too insane (in terms of adult content. Some of these guys really like to swear, not that I can be judgmental in that aspect).

1.) Probably Science

Probably Science is one of the greatest podcasts I listen to, hands down. It involves a group of comedians and guests with a passion for science discussing this week’s science news, often with hilarious outcomes. It’s smart, funny, and if it were a guy I would totally date it.

2.) Lore

Lore is a perfect podcast to talk about this month, since it’s Halloween (my favorite month). (What’s October, I’ve never heard of it). Write and Producer Aaron Mahnke discusses scary tales and urban legends in a comprehensive way, and then delves into a specific haunting or story from history. While many of his topics are familiar to people who are as interested in the paranormal as I am, the tone of the podcast is awesome and Mahnke’s extensive knowledge always keeps me coming back for more. I even support it on Patreon now, since patrons get access to exclusive episodes


I’m not even sure what to say about TOFOP/FOFOP (FOFOP is TOFOP minus one of the original hosts), except that I just can’t stop listening to it. It’s the pure comedy podcast on this list, but it’s so honest and heartfelt and sometimes completely ridiculous and hilarious that it’s like that best friend that you always need to chat with. Wil Anderson runs both podcasts (Charlie Clausen is only on TOFOP), and he’s catapaulted to the top of my list of favorite people. Each episode is a conversation between Wil (or Wil and Charlie) and a guest or two, and after a while it feels like you’re sitting down with old friends. It will also teach you a heck of a lot about Australia.


Stuff to Blow Your Mind produces videos and blogs, as well, but I prefer the mobility of the podcast. I love the quality of the research done for each episode, and I learn so much about topics that I likely would have never looked into by myself. If you like documentaries, this is more for you than Probably Science is–but if you like a little learning in your day, you should check out both. :)

What podcasts do you listen to, if any? These are only four of the twenty I subscribe to, but they’re the ones I think you should check out!


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  1. Oooh! Thanks for the recommendations! Already a HUGE fan of Lore. Do you listen to The Memory Palace? Similar structure but more general history focused.
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  2. If you aren’t squeamish Sawbones is a great podcast! It’s a humorous show about medical history. A husband and wife duo take a topic, like snake oil salesman or syphilis, and talk about it from the first records to present day. It is really interesting, sometimes sad, to see how each topic was regarded through time.

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