DIY: Shoulderless Shirt


I promised to post this DIY on Instagram last week, but my computer broke and I wasn’t able to do it until today! This is another simple alteration, where all you need is a pair of scissors and three cuts per arm. Let me show you how it’s done.


First, I pinned the desired width of the shoulder, about 1.5 inches from the collar. I tried on the shirt in order to make sure that the holes fell where I wanted.


Then I measured nine inches from the pin along the edge of the sleeves. I marked each end of the line.


I cut half of the gap that I wanted for the shoulders, and then folded over the cut piece in order to make sure that it was even. I then finished cutting out the shoulder hole.


Here’s the shirt on my dress form!


And here is the final version of the shirt on, with my super cute Pikachu hat from Loot Crate! (The shirt is from Loot Crate, too).

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