Recap: Wizard World Chicago 2015

I did the dumbest thing before Wizard World. On Thursday night, my friend had an engagement party so I stayed down at school and drove up to the convention on Friday morning. I put on my Kitty Pryde costume, threw my bags into the car, and drove all the way to Chicago.

Where I realized that I had left my hanging bag, with all my costumes (including Jessica Jones, which I made for Wizard World), in my hall closet.


*forehead desk*

So I spent most of Friday bummed (except for later on, when I got a little schwasty with friends. Yay, booze! You make me feel better about things that, ultimately, don’t matter). Another thing that helps you feel better? Stephen Amell.

IMG_20150824_162719 (1)

Yup, I got a photo op with Stephen Amell. Photo ops are a new thing that I’ve been doing this year and I really like them, but I’m not sure why. They’re expensive, you get about five seconds with your favorite celebrity, and half the time people look at them and go “Who’s that?” Even if they know the star, they usually have trouble realizing who it is in normal clothes.

I was still a little bummed about forgetting my costumes, so I decided to skip the Saturday of Wizard World. It would be super crowded, and there wasn’t really anything I wanted to do. I thought about the Firefly panel (I did have a Nathan Fillion VIP), but I’m not at the point where I can deal with Adam Baldwin. I still haven’t forgiven him for his role in all that GamerGate bullshit .

I also still suck at actually getting to panels. The two I went to at DragonCon are the only ones I’ve done this year. I really need to get better at this. I used to go to ALL OF THE PANELS, now I just hang out with my cosplay friends in the lobby.

On Sunday I had my Nathan Fillion autograph session and I randomly decided to get a photo op with Milo Ventimiglia. I also bought a lightsaber. Okay, two lightsabers. It’s okay, guys. You see, I made an original Jedi costume and the character is a Gray Jedi–so someday I may need that red-bladed saber! I also bought a giant Link doll and the cutest damn Elf plushies you have ever seen (made by Nite Owl Workshop ). I also got to spend some good time with good friends before I had to get in the car and drive back to school in time for the semester to start.


All-in-all, the weekend was fun despite the fact that I forgot my costumes. We saw Jon Bernthal and Milo Ventimiglia at the bar and creep-stared at them from afar. I had fun with some of my cosplay besties.



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