DIY: Halter Tank


I was a Loot Crate subscriber until recently, and I became a huge fan of the t-shirts. Even if I didn’t love the design, I had something I could use for my t-shirt alterations! While I think the James Bond SuperEmoFriends shirt is kind of cute, I’m not a big Bond fan. So I was able to use it to test out a shirt alteration before I used it on a shirt I REALLY liked.


This alteration is extremely easy, and requires no sewing–unless you need to take it in once you cut it. I drew light lines from just under the armpit scene to the “corner” of the collar. This is what I mean:


From there, I cut along the line until I reached the bottom of the collar’s front. Then, I flipped it over and finished cutting the last inch or so to the collar that remained on the back.

The last bit just consisted of cutting along the collar line in order to clip off the sleeves! And that was it! The entire thing took me about five minutes, and it worked out so well that I altered three more t-shirts in that way.


The next shirt that I altered like this was an awesome DC superheroine shirt that I bought off of SuperHeroStuff. It’s no longer available, but since it has Black Canary on it I just had to wear it to my photo op with Stephen Amell at Wizard World Chicago.



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