Recap: DragonCon!

Oh, my god.

You guys.


You guys.

I completely loved DragonCon. It was large and crowded and busy and hot and I didn’t get to do nearly as much as I wanted to, but it was somehow still completely amazing. I got to bond with old friends in new ways, and I met so many amazing new people.

I drove down with members from Cosawesome Studios and, while the van was incredibly hot and may have stalled a few times, it was fun spending the time with everyone. All fourteen-plus hours. We rolled into Atlanta around 2am, which set the standard for the amount of sleep I got every night. Sometimes it was as little as three hours of sleep a night. That doesn’t matter, though. I would gladly sacrifice sleep for as much fun as I had.


I mostly just socialized with old friends and new friends, but I was able to catch a couple of costuming panels. I sat through one on wig styling and another on mold making. I think they helped clear up some questions I had, but I’m not completely sure. The people leading the panels certainly knew their stuff, but I’m not sure how well the structure of the panels helped us newbies learn from them.

Most of the weekend was spent in costume…at least, until I got really bad heat exhaustion during the big DC group photo shoot on Saturday. It was bad enough that I needed medical attention, since my limbs were completely cramped up and I didn’t have a firm grasp on consciousness. It was kind of scary how fast it crept up on me. I was hot, but I was drinking water. I had just had a two cups before it really hit me, and I ended up having to be pulled out of my body suit and into a t-shirt in the middle of the hallway (strangely, the least embarrassing part of the ordeal). As a result, I didn’t get to wear all my costumes during the con. I was out of commission for about a day with the heat exhaustion and the recovery–I didn’t hit the con again until the next afternoon–and I avoided heavy costumes. Most notably, I didn’t wear my new Jedi costume. Sad face.


This is the costume that did it. But DAMN, I loved it.

The con party after that got a lot tamer (even though I wasn’t partying hard to begin with), since I was careful not to drink enough to affect my hydration levels. I also ended up getting my own hotel room, since I was so sore from the nasty cramps that I couldn’t share a bed–partially because of my inability to spread out and partially because I couldn’t get comfortable and didn’t want to bother anyone with my tossing and turning. I got a room at the Hyatt, which was INSANELY nice.

I was supposed to go to a photo op with Stephen Amell and David Ramsey while I was being treated for head exhaustion–but the op had to be cancelled for some reason, so I was reimbursed. Sadly, though, I missed the fact that they rescheduled my Sunday Felicia Day op for 11am instead of 5:30pm…so I missed the op completely, which was sad. Froggie’s should really send you an e-mail or notification when they change the schedule. No wonder people complain about them so much.

I did make my Monday photo op with Edward James Olmos and Jamie Bamber, though–Commander and Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica. They were really nice and really funny and joked about how we were making an “Adama Sandwich”, which sounded a little dirty. But I was still into it.


At the Marvel group photo shoot!

On Sunday I went to the Marvel group shoots, and had a great time. I was in my Jessica Jones costume, and met some cool cosplayers. One was dressed as Luke Cage, and we took a picture together. (because gloves, y’all), and freakin’ Brian Michael Bendis responded, liked, and re-tweeted it. I think just about a bajillion people responded to it afterward. My phone notifications were going crazy.

Monday was a little sad at the convention. There were much fewer people, and you could see everything shutting down. I was finally able to make it to the vendor hall, though. Earlier in the weekend the entry line went for blocks. On Monday afternoon, I was able to walk right in. It was a little crowded where someone had lost their mind and put the Chessex and Ultra Lightsabers booths right next to each other, but other than that I was able to move around pretty easily. I purchased some sets of dice, and an awesome squid (?) necklace from Glassadazical . I saw it from across the aisle and HAD to have it. Also, the artist was kind of cute.



I got a lot more business cards, in order to buy some more things once I got home (due to the fact that my suitcases were so full, and the vans were pretty packed).

I really can’t wait until next year. I’m going to make sure that I bring lighter costumes, and more waterbottles. I’m also hoping my brother comes with me next year. Not only will that be a travel buddy for the plane (the money I saved driving wasn’t quite worth the extra amount of time I had to take off work), but a buddy for panels. I don’t know if anyone else I went with went to any panels, so I didn’t go to as many as I would have liked. (But I socialized a ton ). I went to more panels at DragonCon than I went to for the rest of the year combined, though. I need to get better about attending panels at conventions.


I know I said I was going to vlog about DragonCon…but the camera I bought stopped working a few hours in. It would freeze any time I tried to record. Which is probably just what you get when you buy a $25 video camera, so I was only mildly annoyed for about fifteen minutes.

If you want to see more photos–especially of other cosplayers– check out my Instagram feed . Also, thanks to Jessa for pointing out that MTV shared one of my photos ! Even if it was the worst of them, since I had a few drinks before I took it!



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