Geekphoria Relaunch

Hey guys–long time, no chat.

I’ve gone AWOL for a while, I know. I was struggling with a few things. There was my illness, my break-up, and then school got the better of me for a while.

Hopefully I’m back now, though.

There are some things I’ve done since then that I’m going to share with you over the next couple of weeks. I went to Anime Central in May, and Wizard World Chicago just last weekend. I’ve done some crafts that I’m eager to share as DIYs. I spent part of the summer–late July and early August–in Europe, and I took a ton of photos I want to show you all.

So here we go–off on a new start here at Geekphoria, to continue on this awesome, geeky journey.

Welcome back, guys.


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