Recap: C2E2 2015

Yikes. I’ve been AWOL for a while, guys, and that makes me feel sad inside. So much has happened recently, and I hope to catch you all up on my life–starting with the greatest con in Chicago, C2E2.

I did all three days at C2E2 this year, and we were lucky enough to get a hotel in the Hyatt attached to the convention center. Friday was really nice, because it wasn’t over-crowded (though I don’t think it ever got really bad this year). I cosplayed Kitty Pryde, and I was really surprised with the response I got. I was asked for so many photos, was filmed for a couple videos, and even was hunted down in a crowd to receive some swag from the Marvel booth. Kitty is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters to cosplay–I especially love how all the kids are crazy about Lockheed!

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Once the con floor closed I joined a couple of friends for my only panel that weekend–a Dark Horse panel hosted by Scott Allie and featuring (among others) Scott Snyder. My friends were cosplaying Hazel and ChaCha, and Scott Allie asked them to stay behind so he could take a picture with them. I tweeted it to him, and it went all over the internet.

On my way up to the hotel I saw a few of my friends in the lobby and hung out with them for a bit. As soon as I got up to the hotel room I saw that they had met Stan Lee and taken pictures with him! I was a little jealous but, really, that’s so cool. The magic of conventions.

On Friday night we went to Flo and Santos and got their special C2E2 Flame pizza, with proceeds going to Lurie Children’s Hospital. After that we went back to the hotel room to do some last-minute cosplay stuff that was rather unsuccesful, due to alcohol and a broken sewing machine.

(Apologies–I had a lot more pictures, but WordPress is being a jerk about uploading them, for some reason).

On Saturday I woke up and put on Katana in time for the DC group photoshoot and a shoot with Matthew Sperzel Photography. A friend of mine came and hung out with me, and we roamed the con floor. Some of her friends from her brief stint living in New York were there with a booth promoting Treadwater , a “transmedia” franchise involving graphic novels and gaming. They have Chad Coleman from The Walking Dead as an executive producer, and it seems like the thing is really taking off.

Of course, Saturday night is the annual Heroes vs. Villains bar crawl! Once again, the group threw an AWESOME bar crawl, and I had a great time. I changed into Blink for the crawl, and continued my tradition of not wearing pants in Chicago during the winter. A second CNL bar crawl tradition is me, losing pathetically at arm wresting.

Sunday was a short but GREAT day with my genderbent villains cosplay group. We got amazing photos and walking around the con as a group was awesome! The Disney group shoot was on Sunday, and it was great to be a part of it. We even were posted to the Nerdist website !

I noticed, though, that I have been really bad at attending panels at conventions lately. I think it’s been a result of the fact that I’ve been cosplaying a lot more (sitting is sometimes difficult) and I tend to be on the floor with my cosplay friends when I’m at a convention. I need to try to remedy that, and I hope to do so at Indy Pop Con. I feel like I’m wasting some of the (incredible amount of) money that I spend to attend cons. Of course, I still get to hang out with my friends, which is always amazing.


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