C2E2 2015 Photoshoot: Genderbent Disney Villains

I was part of an AMAZING group Sunday at C2E2–a bunch of cosplay friends and I hit the floor as genderbent Disney villains. I’m going to do another cosplay spotlight of my genderbent Jafar (like I have for Shredder and Ozymandias), but I thought I would share most of the photos with you. Because I just CANNOT. WAIT. I was completely blown away of how everyone just rocked it.

All photos are by the awesome and AMAZING Steve Kaminsky of Kaminsky Kandids Photography .

Here’s the rest of the line-up:

Hades: Riley Hunter Cosplay
Scar: Ariel Fogle
Lefou: KayMay Cosplay
Gaston: SuperKayce
Shan Yu: Amanda Lopez
Clayton: Bree Whipple
Ooogie Boogie: WEEZE Cosplay
Hook: Claire Rogoski


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