Top Five: Essentials for a Cosplay Make-up Kit


I spent this past weekend at Project Cosawesome 2 (the somehow-even-more-amazing-was-that-even-possible follow-up to the first Project Cosawesome , which I attended in November). I brought two new costumes with me–Katana and Blink–and even though my body paint for Blink didn’t make it, my make-up was more extensive than it had ever been before. I mean, just look at this:

So, for Katana, the biggest thing I did was paint myself gray. With Blink, I painted on her facial markings (they’re not tattoos…I’m not really sure what to call them…) on top of my usual contouring/make-up process. Obviously, these are still nowhere near what some people do for cosplay make-up, but I realized that there are some things in my make-up kit that are absolute lifesavers.

I narrowed the list down to five, because a list of five is the most elegant thing ever created by mankind. So, without further ado, here are my five cosplay make-up essentials.

1) Primer

I first learned about Primer from XO Mia’s tutorial on cosplay make-up , and I fell so hard that I now use primer every day (I typically use it and a powder instead of foundation). Primer is a gel that you apply beneath foundation to smooth your skin and provide a better setting for the rest of your make-up. It also helps solve splotchiness (the technical term). Primer comes in a few varieties, and can be clear or tinted (mine is a light pink). Artists prepare their canvases–primer lets your prepare your face in much the same way.

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2) Contouring Set

I love my contouring set for two reasons. The first is obvious–it allows me to do slight contours to my face, emphasizing those places that need emphasizing. The second is less obvious. The wide-range of colors on the contouring set also allows me to adjust my skin tone to go with different wig colors.


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3) Blending Sponge

Good for anything with the contouring set or concealer and, I’m sure, a thousand other things. I’m constantly grabbing one of these when I’m doing my make-up. They allow for seamless blending and the egg shape allows you to precisely apply make-up almost everywhere. The tips are great for around the eyes, and the round bottom is great for the cheeks and forehead.


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4) A Good Set of Make-up Brushes

Cosplayers typically use a lot of make-up. I use more make-up when I am in costume than I do in my day-to-day life. It’s tempting, then, to try to get away with using whatever I have on hand. However, I quickly learned that using the right brushes for the right types of make-up is something you should do whenever possible. I invested in a nice set of make-up brushes so I have the right ones to use for my eyes, powder, and anything else that comes up.


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5) Sealer

Even if you aren’t wearing stage make-up, a good sealer spray is essential for a cosplayer. Not only does it keep your make-up from smearing, but it seals and protects it so that it will last througout the day. Yes, this is true even if you get a little sweaty on the convention floor. Sometimes I even wear this when I go out with my friends.


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What do you guys keep in your cosplay–or everyday–make-up bags? Share your tips and secrets in the comments!


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  1. Good make up is irreplaceable! And I forgot about finishing spray/powder last summer! I would have saved my self some trouble with my punk joker!
    Great post on make up!
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