Doctor Who Time Vortex Cupcake Recipe!

I love supporting Kickstarters created by other geek girls. I also love baking. And then eating everything that I bake. The first two points feed directly into my inspiration for this post–my desperate desire to use the geeky sprinkles I got from supporting The Geeky Hostess‘s Kickstarter last year! I was stuck in a lack-of-inspiration […]

Top Five: Essentials for a Cosplay Make-up Kit

I spent this past weekend at Project Cosawesome 2 (the somehow-even-more-amazing-was-that-even-possible follow-up to the first Project Cosawesome, which I attended in November). I brought two new costumes with me–Katana and Blink–and even though my body paint for Blink didn’t make it, my make-up was more extensive than it had ever been before. I mean, just look […]