DIY: Tips for Customizing Shoes

Customized shoes have been a big thing lately, whether it’s heels, sneakers, or flats. After a while of looking at and admiring all the shoes I see on Pinterest, Etsy, and DeviantArt, I decided to take my own small, tentative steps into the craft. I have already managed to learn a lot in a short period of time, and I thought I would share a couple of tips with you.

1. Prime your shoes, if you need. If you’re putting lighter images on darker shoes, this is probably necessary. You may also need to remove finishes in order to provide more longevity to your images.

2. Choose your medium. The type of materials you use can react differently with different types of shoe materials. For the Moon and Ocean spirit shoes, I used black sharpie. For the Rebel shoes, I used acrylic paint. The sharpie tends to bleed, but is easier to get finer images than with the paint. A happy medium (hehehe) is a good quality paint marker.

3. Make stencils. Chances are, you want your designs to be mirror images of each other. A good stencil means that your work will be more precise.

4. Seal your work! You’re wearing these on your feet, and your feet go some really dirty places. Preserve your artwork!

Have you ever customizes shoes? Share your experiences in the comments! I’m going to try mod podge next :).


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