5 Fandom Friday: What’s In a Name?

Today’s 5 Fandom Friday topic comes at a sad, but appropriate, time. When I was 13, my uncle was telling my that I was named after the Boston song Amanda. My mom shook her head and said “Your uncle is crazy–I named you after Spock’s mom.” As you may know, Leonard Nimoy passed this morning. I gave tribute in the best way I knew how, as inadequate as it is.

Since I have a geeky tribute name, I always thought that I would do the same for my children. Here are five characters that I would name my own children after.

1. Alanna of Trebond and Olau

I love this name and and I love this character–it’s #1 on my list of any kids’ name. I grew up admiring Alanna, and she remains one of the greatest characters I know.

2. Leon S. Kennedy

I love the name, and I love the character. Also, it gives you the excuse to say “LEON” exasperatedly, a la RE4.

3. Xander Harris

When I think of Xander I think of loyalty, tenacity, and dedication–and there are few traits that I think are that important.

4. Ginny Weasley

Sure, Ginevra might be a little cruel, but that’s why you would shorten it to the adorable “Ginny”. Hermione may be be best witch of her age, but Ginny rivals her in bravery, strength, and intelligence.

5. Kathryn Janeway

It would be an honor to be named after the only female Star Trek captain–and, arguably, the best captain. Sure, the others are great, but it takes a rare strength to do what Janeway did. The only issue is that my aunt is Catherine, and that’s a little close.

EXTRA: Some people wrote on pet names. You probably know that I named my cat, Duncan, after the Highlander. However, I’m saving a super geeky name for my first dog–Samwise :). Everyone needs a Sam in their life. Frodo wouldn’t have gotten very far without him.


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