Work Out Like a Geek

Since I decided the New Year would mean my return to the gym (and I’ve actually been pretty good about it) I took the opportunity to buy myself a few tanks from Look Human . I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where I bought them–both on social media and at the gym, so I thought I’d make a post about it–and also share some of my other favorite designs!

It’s ridiculous how much I love these shirts–they get me to the gym partially so that I can just show them off! I’m even writing a post about them with no connection to the place that sells them. But since I’m so excited, I feel like it’s my duty to share with fellow nerds. So here are my five favorite designs (that I don’t already own) and links to them at the store.

Another great thing about Look Human is that you can choose what you want the design printed on–they have a bunch of different colors and types of shirts. I like to work out in a racerback tank, but if you like a t-shirt or raglan, you can get that too!

I have a really hard time staying motivated, but these tanks are currently helping! What helps motivate you? It doesn’t have to be to go to the gym!


7 thoughts on “ Work Out Like a Geek

  1. Love look human’s tees! I’d like to start running again in the spring…and if I can stick with it I am absolutely rewarding myself with some of these! I love the Link one, and any of the Sailor Moon ones!

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