Deconstructing a Costume: Gender-Bent Ozymandias

My favorite thing about creating gender-bent costumes is the creative opportunity that comes along with the decision to feminize a male costume. Not that Ozymandias is the most masculine costume out there–which actually presented a bit of a challenge. What was I going to do to make a female Ozy outfit?

Ozymandias has two costumes–the comic version (worn in both Watchmen and Before Watchmen) and the movie version. I’ve always loved the comic costume, so I went in that direction. The graphic novel and BW costumes are mostly the same, but the artists updated the details on the BW costume a bit. I fused the two comic costumes together, creating designs that were a mixture of the two.

As usual, the first step I take when re-designing the costume is to look at it’s main pieces. The most important parts of the Ozymandias costume are the tunic, the undersuit, and the armor. He also has those cute little purple booties and a coronet.

The first choice I made was to change the golden undersuit. I got rid of the arms, mostly for convention heat-management reasons, and made leggings instead. I kept the armor as-is, and constructed it completely out of craft foam.

The biggest change I made was to the tunic. I split it into two parts so I could pull off a more accurate Ozy as well as a more glamorous Ozy. It also helped me to make the top part look right without having to do any intricate draping! The first part was a spandex tube dress. The second part was a poncho made out of the same material. The poncho, of course, is removable–allowing me both to manage heat and have two costumes in one!


I kept the short hair, though the wig caused some issues with my own long, thick hair. The coronet is the same, and made out of some of my worbla scraps. I nixed the booties, though, and bought with some strappy gold gladiator sandals. And with that last touch, I had a whole new costume!

What do you think about my approach to Ozymandias? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love that you had made it so you could modify it from a more “by the book” to a glamourous version!
    Also, your glam version seems like it is con heat friendly as well!

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