5 Fandom Friday: Convention Wishlist

This week’s topic for 5 Fandom Friday is your convention wishlist! If you spend much time around here, you’ll know that I spend most of my spare hours thinking about cosplay and the next conventions I’ll attend. However, I’m in the Midwest–which means that there’s a limited number of close conventions. I typically attend the same ones every year. It also means that getting to any other conventions are prohibitively expensive–especially since I’m a graduate student!

As a result, I’ve built up a HUGE list of conventions that I want to attend some day. Here are my top five!

1) San Diego Comic Con

The granddaddy of all conventions. Every geek needs to make a trip out here at least once in their life. I’ve been trying to get tickets for a few years, but I haven’t been successful. If I’m going all the way to California, I want to be able to get into the con at least two days. I don’t mind spending the rest of the time on everything there is to do outside, but if I’m taking the journey to this particular convention I want to spend some time in it!

2. Dragon Con

I’ve heard DC described as spring break for nerds, and that’s right up my alley. Excellent cosplay, a convention, and alcohol? Count me in!

3. Colossal Con

It takes place at a hotel with a water park! What’s not to love?

4. Emerald City Comic Con

I love Seattle, and it always seems like cool stuff is going on at ECCC. I’d be able to say hi to family out there, too!

5. Geek Girl Con

I imagine that it would be like going to a convention and finding out that it’s completely populated with the girls of FGB. Sign me up!

What conventions are on your wishlist? I’d also like to make it out to PAX one year! Let me know your dream cons in the comments!


5 thoughts on “ 5 Fandom Friday: Convention Wishlist

  1. I’ve been to SDCC, but, it and all the others on my dream list (everytime I’m trying to get badges, I am hoping and praying to go to SDCC). Only, I’ve never heard of Colossal con, but want to find out more! I’m so much closer to Dragon con now, so I need to try and go!

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