2015 Cosplay Plans

A new year is full of possibilities–especially cosplay possibilities . Seriously, that was the thing I was looking forward to the most as the New Year turned: making new costumes to wear to conventions. I barely even made it into 2015 before I made a new costume: Ozymandias, which I wore to Kollision Con.

2015 Convention Schedule/Costumes

Indiana Comic Con– March 13-15
Planned Costumes:
Kotobukiya Kitty Pryde, and (maybe) winter Belle.

C2E2– April 24-26
Planned Costumes:
Wonder Girl, Bleez, and Gender-Bent Jafar

Anime Central –May 15-17
Planned Costumes:
Impa, SECRET COSTUME, and maybe I’ll finish Aqua…but that depends on final exams.

Indy Pop Con –Unannounced
Planned Costumes:

Wizard World Chicago –August 20-23
Planned Costumes:
Deanna Troi

NYCC –October 8-11
Planned Costumes:
Buffy (Prophecy Girl)

And there’s the list! I’m curious to see how well this goes– last year’s list got mixed around a lot, and I don’t think I made even more than half the costumes I planned to make. I switched them out a lot, and I think that may happen this year, too.

Do you have any cosplay plans for this year? Share them in the comments!

My comprehensive exams start tomorrow, so you won’t hear from me until next week! I have tons to share, though, including more pictures from my Ozymandias shoot!


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