2014 Year in Review: Cosplay

I’ve been cosplaying for a few years now, but I completely outdid myself this year. 2015 is looking to be the same. I made a total of eight costumes from scratch (or close to it), and even wore some other costumes put together from regular clothes (which I’m not going to include here, since I didn’t construct them myself). I learned a lot about making costumes, and I grew as a cosplayer, seamstress, and prop-maker.


Wonder Woman (Justice League War)

Rogue (X-Men: Evolution)


Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

Lady Shredder


Punk Rock Raven

Most Time-Consuming Costume: Lady Shredder

The armor and the helmet took FOREVER.

Quickest Costume: Sue Storm

I had all the materials to make this one, and it took about a day. The most time was spent waiting for pieces of the Fantastic Four insignia to dry. I also had to wait for the wig to come from Arda, but that only took a couple days since they’re in Chicago.

Most Comfortable Costume: Punk Rock Raven

It’s a t-shirt, jacket, boots, and leggings. There’s nothing uncomfortable about this, especially since I’ve gotten used to wearing wigs all day.

Least Comfortable Costume: Lady Shredder

It’s really hard to move around in a lot of armor–even if it’s just this much armor. One big problem was that I kept snagging my shin armor on the other shin and ripping it off. It got really hot under the helmet, too.

Costume I’m Proudest Of: Rogue

It was one of my first extensive costumes, and I think it’s still one of the best! I just need to redo the chest armor, it was a little bumpy.

Most Fun to Wear: Punk Rock Raven

This is entirely thanks to my great fellow Punk Rock DC-ers!

My cosplay review is the first entry in this year’s Year in Review. Keep an eye open the next couple of days for more entries!


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10 thoughts on “ 2014 Year in Review: Cosplay

  1. I love your punk Raven (one day if we are ever at a con at the same time we can Co cosplay and I’ll bring my punk Joker)!

    But I LOVED your Rogue cosplay! I had never seem active do the X-Men: Evolution Rogue, and (though I have since) you just made the perfect Marie from X:Evo! You did such an amazing job! And I ferment your video of you making the little armor parts! So awesome!

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