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It’s a little difficult to write about things when so much time has passed, but I finally have enough pictures to share with you to make it worth showing you guys! Project Cosawesome happened from November 14-16th. It was an event for cosplayers and cosplay photographers to come together, share the things we know, and take awesome photos. I brought four costumes with me: Enchantress, Superwoman, Punk Rock Raven, and Zoey from Left 4 Dead. I’d already had several good pictures in Enchantress, but these rest of them were new or hadn’t been photographed yet.

PCA went from Friday to Sunday, so I drove out to Indiana after teaching on Friday afternoon. I spent a good part of the evening being nervous because I didn’t really know anyone (I’d met people a few times during conventions, but hadn’t spent long with anyone who was there on Friday). So I hid in my room until the bar photoshoot and messaged Mia Moore about how ridiculously awkward I was. After that, I went out and got sushi, then put on Enchantress and went down to the bar shoot. I hung out with people for a while, and then went to bed because I had to get up super early to do my make-up for my She-Hulk costume.

Which you don’t see pictures of here. Because it all went horribly awry.

Okay, that’s a little over dramatic. But the make-up didn’t work out. I went to the store to get the make-up I wanted–the right color of face paint and Pros-Aide paint. Pros-Aide is good because it’s basically a liquid latex, and will not come off unless you use remover. So I went in to the costume store knowing what I wanted, and was really dumb and was talked into another product by the girl behind the make-up counter. A product which rubbed off on my nice, mostly white She-Hulk leotard.

So I stewed around my hotel room for a while, and then put on my Superwoman costume in order to get to the Ladies of DC shoot. It started off a little slow, but more and more cosplayers joined as the shoot went on. I got to work with photographers that I’d never worked with before, and it was a lot of fun! I was also great to meet a few people who knew who my costume was :).

I was going to hang around for the All DC Comics shoot after the Ladies of DC shoot, but I was worried about being ready in time to go off-site for the Punk Rock DC shoot. I’d never been in a cosplay group this large, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. It was fun and funny, and it really helped that this was the comfiest costume I have ever worn.

We spent that night at the hotel’s bar, and drank and played games. The next day was the Video Game photoshoot. I was originally going to wear the Aqua costume I was working on, but then I got pneumonia and wasn’t able to finish it. I got a wig for my Zoey costume, though, and updated a couple of things to wear it for Project Cosawesome. While hanging out with everyone on Saturday night, I met a Louis cosplayer. It turned out that a couple of people had Joel and Ellie costumes, and we did video game zombie hunter photoshoot!

If you follow me on the social media, you probably know that I got in a car accident on the way home and totaled my car. But up until that point, the weekend was awesome . I wish that there had been a little more talk about cosplay–people seemed either caught up in taking photos or hanging out with friends. It was great in the moment, but I wish we could have shared a little more tricks of the trade. Of course, I probably could have pursued that a little more. I only thought of that in retrospect.

PCA was really just the greatest thing ever. I made a bunch of real-life cosplay friends, and we’ve even started to plan cosplay groups for next convention season. Overall, it was a great weekend–even with the way it ended.


Photos by Ronald Ladao, Freelance Photographer , Eddie B Photos , , Katie May Photography , Burch Roots Studio , and Riley Hunter Cosplay .

For more photos from the weekend, check out my cosplay page: .

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  1. These are so great! I want to get pics of my Joker with your Raven (if we are ever at the same con? Please…pretty please…pretty please with cool comics swag on top!?).

    All your cosplays are always so great! I’m glad you had fun!

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