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Hey everyone!

I’m doing a special post today to draw attention to my good friend’s crowdfunding project. We’ve been friends since high school, and a few years ago she moved to Spain to attend music school and start her career. She’s always had huge aspirations, though, so just learning and working as a musician isn’t enough. She needs to do things–big things.

So she is now leading a project with the goal of launching a multi-lingual cultural center, teaching studio and performance collective in Spain, based on the following ideals and promoting the following goals:

Afro(–) is a concept designed to unify musicians, artists and academics: the diasporic movement and cultural development of the African race across North America, South America, Europe, and anywhere else we are.

Pronounced “ AfroDASH,” the proposed movement serves as a point of reference, a point of inspiration, and a point of CULTURAL INTERCHANGE for musicians and interdisciplinary artists. This long-term collaborative music and performing arts documentation and creation project embodies the spirit of the root that binds us all, removed or un-removed, to the original source of our musical and cultural identities in Africa—both as Afro- people and as non-Afro people that identify with our cultures.

Over the course of two years, Project Afro(–) aims to:

  • Foster a conscious intellectual and artistic exchange amongst people of mixed African descent by creating a platform for the discussion of racial identity based on social circumstances, foreign immigration and mixed-racial influence. Through the building of this collective, we are building a system of teachers and performers  in various languages, musical styles and ethnic backgrounds with whom our community will collaborate. These interactions in the form of classes, discussions, and workshops will be continuously documented using video journals, photo albums, writings and demonstrative concerts. The project proposes to publish a dedicated website and mixtape that depicts this journey of revival, creation and cultural exchange.
  • Collect and publish these documents in digital format in both independently and partnership with one or more academic institutions in our countries in order to serve as a teaching tool for studies in humanities, liberal arts and the performing arts.
  • Finally, develop a diverse performing ensemble of the same name—AfroDASH—of talented performers based out of the culturally-rich center of Madrid, Spain dedicated to the revival , preservation, fusion and, most importantly, the production of these impactful video documents, concerts, community discussions and field recordings both within Madrid and in as many of our home countries to which we can fund travel. Through the teaching and sharing our languages, cultures, and musical traditions, we aim to foster understanding, expand knowledge and inspire social advancement amongst ourselves, our communities and audiences in our native countries.

If you can, please donate to the campaign or tweet about it using the hashtag #WeAreAfroDash. You can donate to the campaign by . They have a ways to go to make their goal, but I know that we can all help them get closer! So, please, share or donate. You’ll be doing a good thing, and promoting the development of music and cultural identity. I believe that this is a great, great thing–and I hope you do, too. Please, lend your support any way you can.  To sweeten the deal, I’m going to give away two Funko mini fig Blind Boxes to a random person who donates or tweets about the campaign (and fills out the Rafflecopter!):)

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