DIY: Video Game Display

A couple months ago, I saw these gold Zelda cartridges at my local store. I think they were selling them for $35 each, and I wanted them to display in my house…but not for that much money! So I found these on eBay, and my boyfriend gave me his boxes to display with the cartridges. They cost me between $4-7 (I bought them a while back), and I purposefully bought cartridges that didn’t work to display. I wasn’t 100% sure how I wanted to display them at that point in time, so I didn’t want to use something that I could play. And then…they sat on my game shelf for about eight months.

Just last week, I found this large shadowbox at Jo-Ann’s (and used the great Labor Day coupons) and bought it to display the cartridges and boxes.

The first thing I did was cut a square of satin to put across the back of the shadowbox. It gives a nice background, and it makes it look nice and put together. I put some double-sided tape on the cardboard backing to help secure the satin, but it’s mostly held in place because it fits so tightly on the shadowbox.

I then put double-sided tape on the back of the cartridges, since they’re thinner than the boxes. I wanted them to stay in place. The boxes, on the other hand, were the perfect size to be held in place by the back of the frame!

And then that was it! It was an extremely easy display to make, and it took me only about 20 minutes. Once I finished it, I put it up in my hallway. I had this very awkward open space, and the shadowbox was the perfect size to fit in it.

Here’s a shot from further away!

Hopefully you guys find this helpful! Have you ever made a game display? What did you do?

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