Wizard World Chicago Haul

So…I spent a little bit of money at Wizard World. A little bit too much money. But instead of lamenting that fact, I thought that I’d share all the cool stuff I bought with you guys!

I’ve been very into collecting Pop vinyl figures lately, so I picked up a few exclusives at Chicago Comic Con. I also got an Avengers travel cup from the Superhero Stuff booth. And then, of course, I snatched up the Picard cookie for munchies :).

I also got four t-shirts from the Superhero Stuff booth–though one was free. Revival and Red Lanterns are currently two of my favorite comics, so I snatched those up. Nightwing was a must-have, and so was Martian Manhunter.

I got more Game of Thrones/ASoIaF art, because I’m obsessed.

The print on the left is one of the Revival covers–it’s signed by the artist, Jenny Frison. The bottom print is the Bat-family (minus Batman), and the top print is Batman and his villains in the Last Supper.

And here are the goodies I got with my VIP badges–a lithograph with for each guest, my photo ops, and the signed 8×10 from Karl Urban.

I got four more autographs (oh my god, Amanda)–Brent Spiner, Scott Wilson, my VIP Bruce Campbell autograph, and Gates McFadden.

And, finally, the cream of the crop–a replica of Ice, Eddard Stark’s sword. I am so excited about this thing that I can’t even handle it. It’s insane.

That’s everything I snagged at Wizard World–and the reason why I can’t buy anything for months. What is your favorite thing that you ever picked up at a convention? Mine is definitely Ice, though I am fond of my autographed goodies. And I’ve been wanting that Earth-2 Batman Pop for a long time.

3 thoughts on “ Wizard World Chicago Haul

    • I’ve been buying too much of them! I’m developing a serious problem :)

      I even bought a few at the con (not pictured) to trade. I managed to make a trade of one of them, but now I’m stuck with the other ones. I make terrible financial decisions, lol.

  1. You seriously got a great haul! My favorite thing I’ve gotten from conventions is some starwars fan art prints. I’m too much of a spaz to get autographs. i learned that the hard way at my first con. I like, couldn’t talk… because I was fangirling too hard. xD

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