Recap: Sunday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

I still wasn’t feeling well on Sunday morning, so I dressed in civvies with the intention of just spending a short amount of time at the con. I still had to get my Karl Urban signature and my Bruce Campbell goodies. I also had some tentative plans for other signatures, which (mostly) panned out.

I got to the convention around 11:30, and went straight to Karl Urban’s table,. He asked me how I was enjoying my con and what my favorite part was so far. I asked him what his favorite part had been…and he said it was this photo op he did with a guy in an excellent Eomer costume. That was my friend Lynette’s husband, Matt! I told him that I knew the guy, and he said “You have to tell him that his costume was absolutely phenomenal!” It blew my mind.

Right after that I got a text from my friend (and boyfriend’s sister), who asked me if I was doing the Bruce Campbell photo op. I replied that I was, and she asked me why I wasn’t there. I had mixed up the times, but there was still plenty of time to run upstairs and get in line. We took the picture together, which was awesome because she’s in an Ash costume and I am painfully awkward :).

Then our other friend and I went downstairs to get into the line for Bruce Campbell’s autograph session. They had such a short time and so many people in line that they only fit in the people who were turned away from the last autograph session and the VIPs. Everyone else got a number and was told to come back at the 3:30 signing.

We then went upstairs to look for our photos from Bruce Campbell and to meet with our friends who were getting Evan Peters photo ops. I didn’t see my Bruce Campbell picture, and thought that my friend had picked it up…but we deduced that it was taken/missing over the next hour or so. They eventually printed out another, since a lot of the Bruce Campbell ops had gone missing.

I’m getting a little mixed up with my timeline, but I also got autographs from Brent Spiner and Scott Wilson. They were both so nice–and I wasn’t really expecting it from Brent Spiner, since he’s so snarky online. He joked that his bobble-head and Marina Sirtis’s had the same face mold, and I actually learned quite a bit about licensed products. He also took it and ran over to show Marina.

Scott Wilson was incredibly nice and polite. He was really friendly, and after the autograph and the photo he asked if I wanted a hug. (Of course I’d like a hug.)

I was still feeling crappy, so the last thing I did was run over to Jenny Frison’s booth in Artist Alley and bought a Revival print. It’s currently in my Top 3 favorite comics ( which you should be reading ), and the print is now hanging above my desk. I booked it after that–I had to get home, eat dinner, and then drive the 2.5 hours back to my apartment since school started the next morning!

And that’s all for Wizard World this year. I’m going to put up a post with my haul on Monday (since the Saturday/Sunday posts were too long and had to be split), and then it’s on to other things! I hope everyone and Dragon*Con is having fun, and I can’t wait to read about your convention weekends!

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3 thoughts on “ Recap: Sunday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

  1. I’m still bummed that I mixed up the weeks for this and missed the whole con… Next time I’ll quadruple check the dates. BUT, glad you had a great time!! :)

  2. I think I remember seeing the Karl Urban photo on twitter. Again, awesome! Also Brent Spiner is my absolute favorite (living) actor from Star Trek. Sounds like such a wonderful time!

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