Recap: Saturday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

While Friday ended on a high note, Saturday was off to a rough start. I woke up, put up my hair for my wig, put on my Superwoman make-up, put on my pants and boots, then dug around my suitcase for a bit to find… that I didn’t have my corset. Since the corset is the entire top of the Superwoman costume, well, that was a bit of a problem.

So I did what I had to do: I sat around and moped for a while, thought about not even going to the con (or even not going on Sunday), put on my Sue Storm costume, and made my way to the convention center with my little brother. We got there with only ten minutes before the Karl Urban panel, so I told him I’d probably have to leave him in line…but I didn’t. We basically just walked up to the registration booth, which was crazy since it was Saturday. Apparently they had finally set up the right number of registration booths, or made it so that registration went faster? Either way, it was the first year where there wasn’t a massive registration line OF DOOM.

Karl Urban’s panel was amazing. He was hilarious, personable, and eager to tell fun stories about prank wars on sets. Also nice was the fact that he talked a lot, which meant fewer questions from the audience. I did get to experience someone who should have gone on my list of frustrating panel questioners–the one that goes up and asks for the guest to say “hi” to someone who isn’t there. The thing is that I’ve seen this girl do the same thing in previous years. Not everyone can be your missing friend’s “favorite person ever”. I’m starting to suspect that there is no friend, but she’s giving the celebrities her name and recording them saying hi to her. But that could just be years of frustration talking :).

Immediately after the Karl Urban panel was the screening of the Gotham pilot. They had the actors who play Edward Nigma, Selina Kyle, and Barbara Soon-to-be-Gordon say a few things to lead into and wrap up the showing. They had the screening set up so that people who registered for it online got “VIP” seating–but they didn’t do anything to enforce it (which was a bummer, since my brother left thinking he wouldn’t be able to sit with me, but there were plenty of open seats). It went pretty well, except for the fact that we lost the sound near the end. They were able to fix it after a short period of time, though, so it all turned out okay. Another slight bummer was the fact that they brought some freebies, but it was all gone by the time those who pre-registered left the room (due to the placement of the freebies in the outside hallway. This was the first early screening I’ve ever attended, so it was a lot of fun in and of itself. I will be posting a review of the pilot on Junkies Nation closer to the premiere date.

After that, my brother and I wanted to get into the Brent Spiner/LaVar Burton panel, but the line was ridiculous so we just cut our losses and went down to the convention floor. It would have been better to have waited in line, though–it was almost impossible to get either down the stairs/escalators, or onto the convention floor! I don’t know what caused it–maybe the fact that the lobby was so full?–but it was insane. It was probably dangerous, too. I think they opened up a few more elevators on Sunday to try to ameliorate this issue.

The nice thing about the full lobby, though, is that I was able to see a lot of my cosplay friends–especially those from We Are Cosplay. My brother didn’t say anything until the end of the day, when he exclaimed “Who were all of those people?”

We eventually wandered off to lunch, and then back to claim my Bruce Campbell VIP pass prize. We never actually received e-mails telling us how to get our prizes, but some of the other contestants had asked and figured it out for the rest of us. Of course, when I got to the booth the volunteer didn’t know what I was talking about…but I was still able to walk away with my prize about twenty minutes later. After a foray around the second convention floor, my brother and I headed home.

By this time of the day, my head was killing me. We stopped by my brother’s friends’ apartment on the way home, and about halfway through it I was wondering how quickly I would be able to run to their restroom and vomit. My brother and I picked up some food on the way home–I was hoping it would be able to settle my stomach–and then I went to bed around 9:30.

Aaaaaand this post is already really long, so I am going to split off the Sunday section and post it tomorrow morning. That one has all the fun pictures :).

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