Recap: Thursday and Friday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

Comic Con. I love Comic Con. I wish I could spend my entire life living at Comic Con. Yes. Even Wizard World.

Passes sold out insanely quickly this year–I missed buying a four-day pass. Luckily, I was able to get a VIP pass, with some help.

I finished up my exams on Wednesday, and drove up to Chicago that evening. I got on up on Thursday and was able to finish my Superwoman costume before I went to meet my friends to drive to the convention. We had a good time in the relaxed Thursday environment. We didn’t see any panels, but we were able to see pretty much all of the con floor and play a game of The Resistance in the game area.

The collectibles seem to be really well-priced this year, especially compared to the comics. I was able to pick up a lot of pops for great prices, and also grab a few good ones for trades :). There weren’t any good deals on recent back-issues, and the best Trade Paperback prices were half-off. Amazon is way better–which makes me feel a little guilty.

On Friday, I arrived at the convention center in time to see Gates McFadden’s panel. She was great! She made a lot of effort to answer fan’s questions fully, and was so enthusiastic. I love it when guest enjoy talking to us fans, and it was obvious that she appreciates us. In fact, I was so excited about the panel that I got her autograph afterwards. I had her sign her build-a-bridge bobble head, like I had Wil Wheaton do at Wizard World last year. She was just as excited to see it as he was. She asked me where I got it, and I told her that I got it off Entertainment Earth–but that there was also a booth at the convention with the bobbleheads. When I got home, I sent her the link on twitter, and this happened:

It’s no big deal, Amanda, calm down.

Between the panel and the autograph, though, I had my photo op with Karl Urban. The photo op wasn’t really anything exciting. We stood in line, the photographer said “next”, we posed for a picture, and Karl Urban said “Nice seeing you!” or something similar. There was still a little fun to be had, though. First, either intentionally or not, Karl was posing with the smolder in every picture. With what I’ve read, I’m pretty sure he was just doing it to entertain himself. Even if that’s not true, though, it was all I could do not to giggle about it. Second, the gentleman in line in front of me was really tall. Like, significantly over seven feet. So when it was time for his photo, Karl Urban got up on his tip-toes to 1) narrow the frame, 2) look taller, or 3) a little of both. When I stepped up for my turn, he looked at me and said “Oh, that’s better.” I really like how my photograph turned out, and I can’t wait to put it up in my apartment.

The best part of the day, though, came in the evening! The convention had a geeky trivia game show hosted by Bruce Campbell. People in the audience got to answer questions using a clicker, and one of the people who answered the most questions right in the four rounds was randomly chosen to go on stage and compete for a trip to Las Vegas. I was the first person brought on stage, and I did pretty well! Bruce read a bonus question after each contestant came on stage, and I answer three out of the four. Unfortunately, the next part was the elimination round (which was kind of pointless, with the way the rest of the show went. But I may be biased). Bruce asked three question, and those who answered the questions correctly got to stay. Unfortunately, they were all Bruce Campbell questions. I realized I knew the first one after one of the other contestants answered it (the question was “What was Ash’s last name in The Evil Dead. It’s Williams, and Ashley Williams in Mass Effect was named after him). I had never even heard of the rest of the things he asked about, though. I was kind of bummed about missing out on the rest of the trivia round, especially since I’m 85% sure that I would have won if it wasn’t for the Bruce Campbell questions. I don’t care about a trip–I just love trivia games! I would have gladly forfeited any prizes just to play for longer.

The contestants!

I didn’t leave empty-handed, though. I received a goodie bag, and a Bruce Campbell VIP pass. They also recorded the entire show, so I’m going to post it here once it’s online. You can see me be awesome at geeky trivia, until I’m not. :)

That’s it for Thursday and Friday! Come back on Wednesday to hear about Saturday and Sunday at Wizard World Chicago :), and then on Friday to look at all my swag (I have a problem).

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  1. Awe that’s too bad you didn’t win the geeky trivia game but it sounds like you still came home with lots of good stuff!! Can’t wait to read more about your trip and see everything you got! :)

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