Recap: Sunday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

I still wasn’t feeling well on Sunday morning, so I dressed in civvies with the intention of just spending a short amount of time at the con. I still had to get my Karl Urban signature and my Bruce Campbell goodies. I also had some tentative plans for other signatures, which (mostly) panned out. I […]

Recap: Saturday at Chicago Comic Con ’14

While Friday ended on a high note, Saturday was off to a rough start. I woke up, put up my hair for my wig, put on my Superwoman make-up, put on my pants and boots, then dug around my suitcase for a bit to find… that I didn’t have my corset. Since the corset is […]

IGGPPCamp Geeky Trivia Questions and Answers

IGGPPCamp is taking place this week, and I was lucky enough to be able to host Geeky Trivia on Tuesday night. Here’s the video. I’ve also included the questions and answers below, if you want to play along Books 1. The upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Gray is an adaptation of fanfiction based of which […]

How To: Keep Track of Your Comics

Of course, I’m not talking about how to physically keep track of your comic books. There’s really nothing novel to talk about there–geeks will continue to board, bag, and box comic books until a dreamer comes up with a better way to do this. I’m personally a big fan of the boxes–they’re so convenient. It’s like a filing cabinet […]


I’m writing and posting this from a local coffeehouse, since the power is out at my apartment! It’s quite the bummer, and I hope that they get things straightened out quickly. I wanted to write a quick post about my experience with GISHWHES this year, though, and share some fun pictures and clips! I learned […]

Adler After Dark Photoshoot: Sue Storm

I wrote a review for Adler After Dark last month, but Eddie just sent me the photos that he took and I’m ridiculously excited to share them with you! When I found out about the Adler After Dark event, I decided that I really wanted to make a spaced-themed superhero costume! I was able to put together […]

Convention Courtesy: My “Rules” For Making Everyone’s Con Great

Sure, they’re more like guidelines, but once you attend as many conventions as I have you begin to discern what kind of actions make your convention–and that of the thousands of people around you–great. Some of these rules should be obvious but, unfortunately, aren’t. Some may be more of a matter of taste. As an introvert, I […]