Geeky Disappointments: Wizard World and My Cosplay Shuffle

You may have heard me complaining about this last week, I found out that Wizard World Chicago sold out of its weekend passes. And I was upset.

Chicago Comic Con was the first convention I’ve ever attended, and it’s been a staple in my con schedule ever since. It’s where I first really hung out with my boyfriend’s sister, and forged a friendship. It’s where my brother and I really started to get close to each other and share our nerdy passions. It’s where I discovered that there really is a nerdy subculture where I could make ALL OF THE FRIENDS. Even though it’s run by Wizard World, which is shifty, I really loved it.

So the fact that I’m not able to go all the days–because two one-day tickets are more expensive than one weekend ticket and I am TEH POOR–make me bummed. The fact that I will probably only be able to afford one day (with the expense of two single-day tickets) makes me sad.

And the fact that they’re charging 45 FREAKIN’ DOLLARS to see the Star Trek: TNG panel has me infuriated. Yes, that is the lowest ticket price. You can also pay up to $110 extra to see everyone in the main cast (minus Patrick Stewart, but plus Shatner). This, though, isn’t the place for me to rant about newer convention policies that make me mad–that’s going to be published somewhere else–but to show that I am teh sad. I won’t be able to go see the panel featuring the cast of my favorite TV show ever.

Buuuuut the thing that is most inconvenient about the fact that Wizard World ran out of weekend passes (which, I believe, never happened before. At least, not nearly two months before the con) is that my cosplay schedule has now been thrown COMPLETELY AWRY. This was my plan beforehand.

Thursday– Zoe (Left 4 Dead)

Friday Superwoman

Saturday Nazgul

Sunday Sue Storm

Now, though, I’m not going to be able to wear all these costumes. Four costumes do not fit into one day. So I’ve had to play the cosplay shuffle. Zoe is one of my more casual cosplays, so that was knocked off the list. I hadn’t even started the Nazgul yet, so that was postponed. But I was still left with two costumes and one day!

So I moved Sue Storm up so she could be ready for a couple cosplay meet-ups that are occurring in Chicago this month. One is at the planetarium, and the other is at a library. I’m hoping she’ll turn out nice even though I’ve shortened the time to work on her by a month.

So Superwoman is going to be my Saturday costume, and I’m (probably) going to enter her in the costume contest.

Although I managed to work things out, I’m still sad that my traditional convention isn’t going to go as planned this year. It was going to be a big thing to share with my friends and family, and I’m disappointed.

Thanks for letting me be a sad-face at you, though. Let’s commiserate! What has been your most recent geeky disappointment? We can be sad together!

6 thoughts on “ Geeky Disappointments: Wizard World and My Cosplay Shuffle

  1. That sucks. I’m still trying to figure out how I can attend PAX Prime this year since ALL the passes sold out in less than a day. Grrr…

  2. The Philly WW charged extra for the Matt Smith/Karen panel. I think “general admission” was $30 (plus fees) but if you wanted up front it was over $100! I was like WTF?! I’m already paying to attend, now I have to pay for panels! ARGH!

    • I KNOW. I hate that so much. All panels should be included in a convention–that’s what admission is for! What else do you get at a convention? I heard about one con where you had to buy beyond general admission to see ANY panel. I’m worried this is going to be a horrible, horrible trend.

  3. I’m also SO BROKE right now, I really wanted to go to Florida SuperCon but my car is acting up so i have to take it to the shop and I have to miss SuperCon (Which is going on RIGHT NOW which is so depressing…) But there will always be more comic cons so I’m trying to “stay positive!”


  4. Oh man, that is such a bummer! They did a similar charge at Dallas Comic Con earlier this year. No thanks. I’m sorry about your cosplay shuffle!

    My biggest geeky disappointment was realizing that I simply can’t afford Dragon Con this year. Between moving and travel, I had to give up something, and that was it. Fingers crossed that next year will work out.

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