Recap: Indy PopCon (Saturday and Sunday)

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Also, enjoy this cute video from the Nicholas Brendon Q&A that I completely forgot to talk about. Basically, this girl got dumped the day before and he’s telling the ex-boyfriend off.

So on Saturday I woke up at my sister’s apartment to find that she was already dressed and ready–so I got down to business and got into Wonder Woman. I packed up some of my things since we were going to stay at a hotel overnight, but I left all of the goodies I bought the day before.

I missed you, Appa!

We ended up arriving at about noon, and I went straight to find my friend Eddie, who was the photographer (and my partner) for the group photoshoots. He was taking photos for the DCU group photoshoot, and I was the only hero at the shoot. Of course, this meant that I had to face off against the villains. This is one of my favorite photos ever.

But then, so is this one:

Featuring Evelynne Bell as Catwoman

I missed all the other photoshoots until the All Cosplay photoshoot at 5pm…because of the monstrosity that was the Costume Contest line. I had decided to enter Wonder Woman in the cosplay contest because I figured “why not”–and also because I was curious to see if I would get in. Basically, here was the contest process.

1. Stand in line for the first round of pre-judging for roughly an hour and a half, be told to come back.

2. Stand in line for the second round of pre-judging for nearly two hours, and have the only thing they say to you be “Come back at 6 for the final list.”

3. Come back and see your name is on the list (Yay!), and then be told to come back and stand in line for an hour again at 6:45.

Look! It’s me!

Basically, I spent the entire day in the contest line. I felt bad about it, because my sister didn’t want to wander the convention by herself so she hung around while in line. Since it’s a small con we were still able to see a lot of the convention floor. Also, the main stage was in the same room as the Cosplay lounge/cosplay pre-judging, so we were able to catch some of the main stage Q&As.

Still, though, I was kind of cranky about it.

It didn’t help that the Emcee was really awful. He wasn’t funny, though he tried to be–he actually pulled out the “interrupting cow” joke, along with others from second grade. He pretended Halle Berry was his girlfriend and called him on stage. Worst of all, though, he joked that a few of the cosplayers had too much time on their hands. If I had known I was going to have to watch this guy for a few hours, I wouldn’t have stood in line for the contest at all. It wasn’t worth it.

After the cosplay contest, my sister and I left the convention center to look for the hotel, and got lost driving through the city…

aaaaaaand I was pulled over for running a red light. In my Wonder Woman costume. The police officer was speechless for a moment, but then told me that he wasn’t going to give me a ticket. He was just going to hold me there to make an example of me.

After that, though, he was really nice and escorted us to the hotel. Yay!

We left our Eeveelutions in the hotel room.

So we got ready to go out (I stayed in costume) and hit two after parties. It was really cool because we saw Nicholas Brendon at the first party. I waved hi, and he came over and gave me a hug and took a picture with my sister and I.

After that, we wandered over to the cosplayers afterparty hosted by CosAwesome Studios –a bunch of really great people! My sister, Eddie, and I also met and hung out with Steve Cardenas, who played Rocky the 2nd Red Power Ranger.

Unfortunately, we had a little too much fun that night. I drove my sister back to her apartment the next morning because she was super hung over, and I slowly put on my Death costume. It was really brutal because I put on the make-up…and broke out into hives after about 20 minutes in it. So I had to take off the costume, jump in the shower, and then work with my skin tone–that had a nice tan after my vacation. Still, though, it was fine–though I changed the location of my photoshoot with Eddie. We were going to go to the Funky Bones sculpture at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, but I didn’t want to go to that awesome place with a costume I wasn’t completely loving. The big thing for Death was going to be the make-up, so without it the costume was just average. Not worthy of Funky Bones.

With all the hullabaloo from the morning, I didn’t actually get to the convention until about 2. It was sad because some of the vendors were already packing up and leaving (not that I had any more money to spend or anything). But it’s sad to watch a convention come apart around you.

Eddie and I had a fun photoshoot, but I don’t have the pictures back yet. I’ll have to show you all in a separate post (or, alternatively, you’ll be able to see them on my cosplay page ). I went back to wander the convention area some more, say goodbye to some convention friends, and then got in my car and drove back home.

And that’s it for my Indy PopCon recap! I really enjoyed my weekend at the convention. It was run incredibly well, especially considering the fact that it was IPC’s first year! The only issue I really had with it was the cosplay contest, and that’s to be expected. I’m pretty sure no cosplay contest runs well. The convention runners have been really cool about getting feedback in order to make the convention better, as well.

It was also the second smallest convention I’ve ever been to–Chicago TARDIS is the smallest ( see my recap here ). The environment was a lot friendlier than other cons I’ve attended, and it was really cool to actually meet and interact with the guests outside of the convention structure. Overall, it was a lot more relaxing than most conventions–which is really good for someone with anxiety problems, like me.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the All Cosplayer group photoshoot on Saturday evening. So many people showed up, I was thrilled about it! So let’s leave everything on that happy note–a ton of huge geeks having fun in costume!

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  1. I like that the con wanted feedback.
    And I am sad to ear about the MC being a prick. The SDCC MCs are the Foglios and they are brilliant!
    They “threatened” audience members who made fun of contestants. SO GREAT!

    Your wonder woman is still AWESOME! And even more so since you were the only hero against all the villains!

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