DIY: T-Shirt Tube Dress

It’s been a long tine since I did a t-shirt surgery DIY! I think the last one was posted in February. It’s actually been a while since I altered anything–I’ve been doing more cosplay work than craft work lately.

I began with this Arya Stark t-shirt from Tee Fury . It’s not available to purchase right now, but if you’re interested you can vote to bring it back .

The first thing I did was cut out a large rectangle. Basically, I just clipped off the sides and the sleeves, as well as the neck hole. I basically measured the widest part of my torso, divided it in two, and added a couple inches to get the width. The length was kept from just under the neck to the bottom hem.

From there, I pinned the two side edges and sewed them together. Then, as usual, I grabbed a t-shirt in a contrasting color–red. I like working with t-shirts as opposed to other fabric when doing my alterations because it keeps the look uniform, and everything had the same amount of stretch.

I measured the width of the red section using the width of the black section, and then cut out the pieces and sewed a second tube of red fabric. I added a diagonal top to the red tube, and then pinned it to the black tee.

When you do this, make sure the black tee is right-side out and the red (or contrasting) tee is inside out. That way you’ll e sure to have all sets of seams on the inside!

Once you’ve sewn this together, the main part of the dress is constructed. Now you just need to hem the bottom and add the top band.

For the top band, I took a piece of red t-shirt that was twice as wide as I wanted the band to be, and long enough to wrap all the way around the top of the shirt. I sewed the bottom seam to the front of the shirt, then folded over the rest and sewed it along the inside of the black shirt. I left a little hole, though which I threaded some elastic, to make sure the dress would stay up :).

And then I was done!

It looks a little strange on the dress form, but that’s because it’s kind of clingy and the seam hits right where the form ends :). Here is the dress on me:

Overall, this was a really easy alteration–one of the easiest I’ve done, even. I’m excited to try this again with a different shirt! This next time, I’m going to make the seam between shirts more diagonal, too, but I like the slanted hem here. Let me know what you think in the comments!

And for all the pinners out there:

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