Recap: Saturday at C2E2

Saturday, being Saturday, was the longest day at C2E2. But it was OFFICIALLY our first day at the con this year–or at any convention this year!

We took forever to leave our first hotel and get to the Con hotel/convention center. This is definitely, 100% due to the fact that the first hotel room was tiny. Seriously, seriously tiny. Like, the-beds-were-two-feet-from-the-opposite-wall-and-you-had-to-climb-over-things-to-get-across-the-room tiny. It was extremely difficult for two cosplayers to get ready in any decent amount of time.

“Who” is Cassy?

As a result, I got to the convention too late to join in the DC Universe group photoshoot that was planned for noon. However, I DID get there in time to snap a couple (crappy) pictures.

I guess I could have just hopped in and no one would have said anything, but I was a little afraid to because my costume wasn’t recognizable and I didn’t want anyone to think I was crashing the shoot. Though they probably wouldn’t have. I got a lot of “Great Green Arrow costume!” comments while walking around the con. A couple people asked me if I was Link. There was also an older gentleman in the hotel elevator who asked me if I was the Green Hornet. It was all ridiculously entertaining, and it was nice to see that people enjoyed my costume even if they didn’t know what it was.

I am a new superhero. Green Dress Girl!

After that, I wandered around the convention floor for a little bit until I saw that our new hotel room was ready. I got the keys, moved my car, pulled out some of the stuff for my evening costume, then ran downstairs to go to my first ever cosplay photoshoot!

This room was definitely more cosplayer-friendly.

I was ridiculously awkward, but the photographer was a lot of fun and really nice about it. I got the proofs from this shoot today, and some of them were really great. It was really windy, though, so some were not-so-great due to silly facial expressions and a runaway hood. I can’t wait to get the edited pictures back and share them with you here!

I was a completely awful nerd and didn’t actually make it to any panels. But after the photoshoot I got in line to meet Gail Simone and get her to sign my comics! It was great, and I learned that Dark Horse is going to republish Leaving Megalopolis later this year (September-ish, if I remember right). We’ll be able to pre-order the book on Amazon, if we didn’t get it from the Kickstarter. I was fangirling pretty hard, but she was so nice and approachable that I didn’t get reduced to the ridiculously awkward mess that I usually am while meeting…well, anyone ever. It helps that I follow her on Twitter and thus know she’s one of the most hilarious-but-“normal” people in the world.

Joffrey was in line with me and was actually quite pleasant.

Once I got my comics signed, I considered buying a few other things from Dark Horse, but put it off. I needed to run to the hotel room and change into my Wonder Woman costume! That took me a while, mostly because my wig was giving me issues. It didn’t travel well, and my “trick” for adding the red tied didn’t work out. I ended up just whipping it together in time to run downstairs. It was a good thing no other parts of the costume gave me trouble…until I tried to walk with the knee pads. They kept sliding down the boot covers! In the end, there are a couple of things I will have to fix before I wear Wonder Woman to Indy PopCon at the end of the month.

Once I was in costume I went back down to the main concourse at the convention and waited for my next photographer. While I was standing there, I heard this little voice yell “I’ve been looking for you!” and the next thing I knew there was a little girl hugging my legs. I seriously almost had real feelings, guys. Her dad asked if he could take our picture, and OF COURSE I said yes. I let her hold the sword during the picture and probably had the world’s biggest smile on my face. Later on, there was this little boy that ran up to me and started telling me all about his day while his dad took our picture. I let him hold my sword, too. I wish I had been Wonder Woman for longer that day, just because of all the great reactions I got from kids.

The second photoshoot went much better than the first. I was a little less awkward, and this photographer kept giving me instructions. As a TOTAL photoshoot noob, it was excellent to have some direction. I already have the photos back from this shoot, and I will show them off in a later post. For now, here’s a teaser:

You can also see another photo on the Share My Cosplay Tumblr.

The day really began, though, once we were done at the convention. My roomie and I got ready while a few of our friends joined us for the Superhero/Super Villain bar crawl.

Seriously, guys. That thing was RIDICULOUS amounts of fun. I think my favorite parts of the night were the looks on customers’ faces when we walked into a new bar. The guys who lead the bar crawl were great, and we had a totally awesome time. One of my friends from college randomly showed up at a bar to meet us–and now she’s planning on going to Chicago Comic Con in cosplay with us!

It got a little rowdy that night. I suppose I can share this with you, since we’re friends and all. This is my group and I doing an impromptu, drunken sing-along to Let It Go. I think that’s all that needs to be said about that night.

Oh, wait, it’s not! I also won a $50 gift certificate! I think it was for something like “Best Tipper”–which is likely completely due to the fact that alcohol means I can’t do math.

We were out ridiculously late at the bar crawl. We made tons of friends, and it was a great time being nerdy with other nerds. Everyone was so nice and approachable, and I can’t wait to do it again next year! Though I will probably wear a warmer costume.

Now, for the obligatory cosplay pictures:

I want to be Malon. So. Bad.

Finally, I promised you guys a giveaway! It’s definitely C2E2 themed–most if it is some extra free swag I grabbed from the convention! If you win this giveaway, you will win:

1. A set of Dark Horse pins

2. A Dark Horse lanyard

3. An Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag t-shirt (Large)

4. A Star Wars language travel guide

5. A tiny Robb Stark vinyl figure (The King in the North!)

6. Two Dark Horse Buffy-themed rubber bracelets

You know what to do:

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  1. I had my 1st cosplay photo shoot too and felt like a complete idiot not knowing what to do! But it was still fun! Your costumes look great!

  2. Wow, that con looks like a blast. I believe it was the same weekend as Calgary Expo this year, but next year Calgary Expo is a week earlier, so maybe I can make it! It’s so cute about the little kids loving Wonder Woman!

    I think my favourite part of a con is just the energy surrounding it. Everyone is so excited and happy and it’s amazing!

    Can’t wait to see more of your photos!

  3. So So fun! I love your outfits. You did an amazing job putting those together. Now that other people pointed it out, the first one does kind of look like Green Arrow. Awesome Giveaway. Good luck to the winner!

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