Women of the Batverse T-shirt Line

I didn’t have anywhere near enough time during my Spring Break to finish everything I wanted to get done: but I was able to do this! I’m really excited to announce the first three shirts in my Women of the Batverse line of designs on my Redbubble page. The first three designs feature some of […]

Con-At-Home Hangout: Cosplay

Hi everyone! Things have been really busy on my end–I have a research design due on Monday and a conference paper due on Wednesday–but I wanted to check in and let you know that Liz Locksley, Mia Moore, Williesha Morris and I will be taking part in the second-ever Con-At-Home Hangout! Yes! Once again, members […]

Cosplay Tips: Learning How to (Worbla)

The thing that I like the most about cosplay is the opportunity to learn new things! I took a big plunge today and dove into the sea of worbla. Sorry, that metaphor ran away from me. This post isn’t a post about how to do worbla, per se, as it is a post on how to […]

Top Five: Co-op/Multiplayer Video Games

My family and I went to Dave and Buster’s on Sunday night, where my brother and I played a few rounds of their new Mario Kart video game (we decided to end on a tie). Some of the best gaming moments are shared with friends: in fact, Lori from GirlHero.net and I have a streaming […]

Liebster Award!

The lovely Brooke (one of the awesome panelists on this week’s FGB Con-At-Home Hangout) nominated me for a Liebser Award yesterday! I’m super excited to share this with you–especially coming from Brooke, who runs the blog The Adventure is Afoot (which I love). That’s great, right? But what is a Liebster Award? Well, there’s this […]

26 Years a Geek

This post is going up at 8:26 am on March 19th. At this time exactly twenty-six years ago, I was born. Yes, I know. I’m starting to get a little long in the tooth. To celebrate my birthday, I am going to list twenty-six geeky things about me that you might not know. They are […]

Con-At-Home Hangout Announcement!

I’m really excited to tell you guys about this–I have been working on getting things ready for over a month now. I’m part of the Female Geek Bloggers Google+ group that is putting together a series of Google hangouts on tons of geeky topics. The first Hangout is next Tuesday, but the hangouts will usually […]

DIY: Desk Mat

I came to two separate realizations the other day. The first was that my desk set-up had begun to underwhelm me. I love all my posters around my desk, and I don’t want to replace any of them, but I needed something new. The second realization was that I had waaay too many stickers, cards, and art […]