DIY: “The Hobbit” Inspired Nails!

I received this beautiful gold sparkle nail polish in my stocking this Christmas, and I had the perfect  idea of what to do with it. Earlier this week, I gathered together a bunch of other polish colors from my collection, and went about making a design inspired by Smaug.   The colors I used were: Ruby […]

Geekphoria’s 2nd Anniversary: Giant Giveaway!

Hey there, everyone! Today’s celebration is pretty exciting–it’s the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done at Geekphoria! I’ve collected these items over the past year or so at different conventions. Some I bought specifically to give away on the blog and never got around to it, and some I bought for myself but just put in […]

Geekphoria’s 2nd Anniversary: Freebies

Hi everyone! Today’s celebration of Geekphoria’s 2nd anniversary revolved around freebies! Yay, free things! First, things at the Geekphoria store are Buy 1, Get 1. This also applies to custom orders! Just buy an item and put your second order in the “notes” on the order page. If you want two items, please buy the more expensive item […]

Geekphoria’s New Look!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Geekphoria! As my blog went into its second year, I decided it was time to invest some time, money, and effort into making the look of Geekphoria represent how seriously I take my blogging. I designed a new header, logo, and banners for each blog entry. Lori, of […]

Cosplay Tips: Shopping for Fabric

I went to Jo-ann’s yesterday. I wanted to try to find something for a t-shirt DIY I was working on, but they didn’t have any in stock. I also wanted to check out fabric for one of my possible C2E2 costumes: the Enchantress, from Justice League Dark. Specifically, I was looking for material to make […]

Gamer Drama: A Story Review of Pokemon Y

Before you say anything—I know. Pokémon isn’t meant to be played for the story. The point of any Pokémon game is the Pokémon themselves—catching them, (EV) training them, and making the best team you can put together. The goal is always to beat the Elite Four, and then the Champion. It is to be […]