Chicago TARDIS: My Schedule

Hey everyone! Here is my schedule for tomorrow (Saturday) at Chicago TARDIS. I’ll be spending most of the morning in registration and waiting for my interview, so things will really kick off for me at noon. 12:00 PM My first panel! Come to the Cypress room, where we’ll be talking about SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay. […]

DIY T-shirt to Lacey Tank

I made this shirt to wear to Chicago TARDIS on Saturday, but then I scored an interview with Paul McGann and brought myself something nicer to wear (this TARDIS dress from Her Universe, to be specific). I still really like this shirt, though, so I thought I would share the DIY with you. I began […]

Tips for Cosplaying (While Broke)

I love to cosplay. I love making costumes, fashioning props, and showing off all my hard work. I love being the characters I adore, even if it’s just for eight hours in a crowded convention hall. I’m also a graduate student, which means I’m broke. Cosplay is an expensive hobby. Whether you’re making your own […]

Funko Thursday #1

I’m obsessed with the Funko Vinyl figures. When they first started a few years back I began to buy every one I could get my hands on, and I dreamed of collecting them all. Of course, the Funko Vinyls have exploded since them, with exclusive and limited pieces, and hundreds of normal vinyls. This has […]

New Products in the Geekphoria Shop!

Hey everyone! A new type of product just premiered at the Geekphoria Etsy store–just in time for holiday shopping! It’s jewelry! I’m particularly proud of these K-9 necklaces (he had adorable ears and a tail, d’awww), and these pictures don’t NEARLY do him justice. Seriously. I need a better camera. But K-9 isn’t the only […]