Injustice: Gods Among Us Unboxing Video

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I only recently got on the Injustice bandwagon. I first played the game while at Chicago Comic Con at the Sugargamers booth, and I loved it. Loving it meant that I needed it, and needing it meant that I bought it as soon as I got my next paycheck (grad students are paid once a month). I ended up buying the Collector’s Edition on Amazon (at $59.99), since the regular game was $45.00 for the Xbox 360. I did a little unboxing video for you, embedded below. I think my favorite part of the collector’s edition is the statue (it would have been the comic if it had included all editions of the game’s prologue). I’m super excited to play the single player campaign. It’s definitely worth the money I spent, even it it was only a little more expensive than just the game.

I’ve been busy doing a bunch of stuff lately. I’m planning my Halloween costume, which will be improved upon to become a Con costume later on. I’ve also started writing for Junkies Nation , a really cool fansite that’s just starting up. You should check it out! Here are links to my articles. You get internet cookies if you guess what my penname is referencing!

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  1. I agree about whose butt should *really* be kicked by Wonder Woman. ;p

    Also, is there a way to subscribe to posts specifically by you on JunkiesNation?

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