Gamer Drama: A Story Critique of Tomb Raider

I began to play Tomb Raider shortly after I finished Mass Effect, and I finished the game in three sittings. I really couldn’t put it down. Obviously, I really enjoyed playing the game. I did wait to write the Gamer Drama entry, though, because I really wanted to think about the game and […]

August Loot Crate Unboxing!

I didn’t film an unboxing video this month, due to the fact that I had guests when my Loot Crate came. I was too impatient to wait to film it, and I didn’t want to film it in front of people–so, this month, we have unboxing pictures! The theme for August was “Cake”–the box was […]

What? A TV Show About Cosplay?

Heroes of Cosplay has received a lot of flack on the internet from the geek and cosplay communities, even before the show aired. I avoided all the hub-bub until after the first episode aired, in order to go into the show with no preconceived notions or biases, in order to give you guys my own, […]

Chicago Comic Con: Sunday Recap

I got to Chicago Comic Con early on Sunday–I was there only minutes after the doors opened for non-VIP ticket holders. I had the Jason David Frank meet and greet at 11am, but I went over to Wil Wheaton’s booth to see when he was signing autographs for the day. I was hoping to get […]

Chicago Comic Con: Friday Recap

Hey everyone! I spent the entire day today at Chicago Comic Con–from opening to close! Okay, so that’s 12pm to 7pm, but it’s still most of my day (especially with the hour commute). My day began with hair and make-up. My cosplay for the day was Zoe from Left 4 Dead–one of my favorite video […]

What You Should Bring to a Con

Hey Everybody! Tomorrow is the first day of Chicago Comic Con! Well, that’s a lie. Today was actually the first day/preview night, but tomorrow is my first day! I finished up my cosplays for both Friday and Saturday, and then I started packing my bag! Without further ado, here are the contents of the bag–and […]

Gamer Drama: A Story Critique of Mass Effect

My summer quest to beat games that I own but didn’t have time to play since they came out begins with the first Mass Effect game. Begins? On August 7st? Granted, I finished the game last week, but I haven’t had much time to write the article, considering all the work I need to do […]